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Well this onscreen reunion is going to be one Grand Ole Party!
Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan, who played প্রেমী in last year’s Kill Your Darlings, are being tapped to team up once again in the new movie College Republicans!
Daniel is reportedly on board to play conservative mastermind Lee Atwater in the true story of how he helped a young Karl Rove rise to the rank of chairman of the College Republican National Committee! Dane is believed to be playing the part of Karl.
Consider that for just a second…
Last year, Daniel and Dane played Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr, two real life Beat Generation...
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Hi My Bestie!!! Here's my Birthday greeting's to you!

I pray to God today that all your dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, all your wishes and decisions be fruitful and all your বন্ধু and family always stick with you.

I'm so far from আপনি but I still feel like আপনি are right beside me and we are celebrating your birthday. Cheers from a thousand miles away my friend. আপনি will always be in my mind and in my heart. Happy birthday!

On this special day, i wish আপনি all the very best, all the joy আপনি can ever have and may আপনি be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May আপনি have a fantastic birthday and many আরো to come

I've been that age. I've done that age. It is fun. Enjoy! Happy Birthday again my bestie! I প্রণয় you!

-- Kanomroo Loves you!
Hey SHIVANGNI ( aka sini xD)

Before i start , i want to say that i am no good at লেখা at articles, i know they are hilarious but hey,
Today is big big big দিন :D cause it's my bff's birthday :P

Birthdays give us opportunities to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things we are blessed with,
and today it's আপনি my bff .

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. Wishing আপনি a দিন that is as special in every way as আপনি are.

i don't know how we became good বন্ধু like this but i just want to thank the god that he gave me a goood friend like...
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 For my cute sis Shiwangni
For my cute sis Shiwangni
Dance among the ribbons
of the birthday balloons.
Smile through the lit candles
and sing to the classic happy tune.
Eat the cake of wishes,
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.
Blindly দোল at the flying unicorn,
sending treasures across the lawn.
Spin among the সঙ্গীত and laughter
in your perfect party dress that's brand new.
And till পরবর্তি বছর my darling,
happy birthday to you.

sorry i wrote only few lines i'm not that good at লেখা poems
 For my cute sis Shiwangni
For my cute sis Shiwangni
 sini and tejas!!
sini and tejas!!
Heyyyyyyyyy,tejas !!!!!!!!I want 2 thank u 4 being in my life..........I had never thought ,that god 'll gift me such a friend like u......I m having sooooooo many বন্ধু in my school অথবা in my neighbour but believe me no one is like u ,,dear!!!!!!!!!OMG such a nice gift u had প্রদত্ত to me.

.If u'll jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with u, I'd be at the bottom to catch u.., ................ Sometimes in life, আপনি find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just দ্বারা being part of it. Someone who makes আপনি laugh until আপনি can't...
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 আপনি are so sweet~!!
you are so sweet~!!
hey guys...u know, today is a real special দিন for me...but why? i mean, it is a normal দিন for most people..
no answer??
i'll tell u why..Because most awesome, sweet ,loving, caring, and the pretty sister of mine landed on earth...i প্রণয় Sini!!

 yay...Sini ka ka cake milega!! lol!
yay...Sini ka ka cake milega!! lol!

and আপনি are the best!!
no, আপনি really are!!
ask anyone!!
if i say, who is the best..
everyone will simply chant:


if আপনি ever want a shoulder to cry on, a girl u want to share your secrets with which i will actually keep, i girl who can...
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The দিন আপনি cam it was raining , but actually it was the angels' tears because they হারিয়ে গেছে one of them :')
Happy Birthday to আপনি :))))
Wish আপনি a beautiful life with a good luck !!!!
Thank আপনি for being my sister and my friend , Thank আপনি for being always there for me and thanks to life for giving me the chance to meet someone like আপনি :)
One দিন we'll see each other and we'll celebrate our Birthdays and all parties together :DDD
I want আপনি always to remember that I am there for আপনি and I'll never forget আপনি :)
Celebrate it good and enjoy it !!! :DDDDDD

Your sister who loves আপনি : Ola
*Hugs and kisses with love*
Monday , September 16 ,2013
Today is your birthday that magical day! ah! how many people were happy that your were born ^^ so much joy :)

i hope আপনি do read this even though আপনি aren't here! i remember আপনি saying your exams are coming so also good luck with that!

It’s your birthday time again; It’s true;
there’s no denying, Another বছর has
come and gone; আপনি know that I’m not
lying. So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say: I hope this
birthday’s the best one yet, In every delightful way. So happy birthday to
you. Have lots of birthdays with pleasures and joy :)
Hope আপনি get your own laptop...
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posted by a11-swift
I really didn't like the fact that i'm লেখা this for আপনি and আপনি won't even read it :(
First of all...forgive me for not being there for you! i was gone... life was pretty hectic and School wasn't helping either! and when i entered ফ্যানপপ to tell আপনি one good news.... i saw আপনি left... without any Goodbyes! it made me kinda feel lonely... like i was left alone! i couldn't give আপনি a proper goodbye ... then how much of a good friend i am?? really couldn't stand this! i really hope আপনি forgive me for this! also in your remembrance...i created an account on our world named "Animy" the name...
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 I প্রণয় u sooo much!:*:*
I love u sooo much!:*:*
This is a poem ,,which I wrote for my dearest sister Ola!!
I made this poem..,at veryyy late night!:P
I know ..,that this poem is totally lame..,but it is only for my sister!!...aND YESS...,SHE IS ONLY MY SISTER...So don't dare to come between us!:P...,actually i m saying this ,because i don't want to lose her!!!!..She is onlyyyyy mine:)♥
hey sis..,i hope ,ya like it♥<33333333

♥My hearts beats for u!
♥Whole day,I think of u!

♥Da দিন when I met u,was truly special!
♥We both sisters live in a castle♥

♥This দুর্গ is made up of unlimited dreams!
♥You are my support,as well as my limbs♥...
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posted by Iam567
Sini is 1 of my gudest frend in fp....*_*

Sini's large from is "Shivangi".
Sini lives in India.She's 16.Her bday is on 16th September.She's in class 10.She has a sister.Her dad is an engineer...and mom housewife.Her bff is Tejas...*_*

She loves Dani(hamare jiju).... so much.........So, we call her "Mrs.Daniel"...........*_*...She's a huge অনুরাগী of Daniel Radclffe...............*_*

Sini's a super owsm,cute,nice...girl........................*_*
She's so sweet that any 1 can eat her as a dark chocolate..........................................^_^
She's so much frendly...+_+..............................

I wish Sini never deletes her account n stay's in ফ্যানপপ 4ever........

প্রণয় u,like,always with owsm frend Sini,......*_*

{Ab plz মতামত pe "LOL" mat likna..."...*_*
আপনি are my sunshine.
আপনি send color to my gray.
When I’m in tears.
আপনি blow my heartbreak away.
আপনি make me happy when times are down.
আপনি turn my world upside and around.
আপনি catch my tears in your hand.
When I’m in terror আপনি understand.
When I’m falling to the ground.
আপনি catch me and twirl my হৃদয় around.
When I’m surrounded দ্বারা darkness within the night.
আপনি come around and cast your light.
If আপনি weren’t here I don’t know what I'd do.
Sunshine, I really প্রণয় you.

আপনি are my umbrella when it rains.
আপনি cover me up when I’m in vain.
আপনি hold me in times of need.
আপনি are my bandage when I bleed.
When I’m lonely and times are rough.
আপনি প্রণয় me আরো than enough.
আপনি are my sunshine in times of rain.
Please tell me আপনি প্রণয় me again.
posted by GDragon612
The morning is just a few moments away. Go to sleep and when আপনি wake up, remember me as a friend who is always there for আপনি and will never let আপনি down.

Keep me as a friend and I will keep আপনি in my হৃদয় and lock it up. I'll throw away the key so that no one can take আপনি away from me.

FriEndSHiP iS A PRiCeLeSs GiFt tHaT cAn'T Be BoUgHt অথবা SoLd, BuT To Have An UnDeRsTaNdiNg FriEnd iS FaR MoRe WoRtH tHaN GoLd~!
That Friend is You!

True বন্ধু are like Diamonds.. they are real and rare. False বন্ধু are like leaves.. they are scattered everywhere. And to just let আপনি know.. আপনি are the one like a diamond.

I প্রণয় আপনি so much my danb3b3
আপনি are always in ma হৃদয় i প্রণয় ya so much <333333
posted by a11-swift
hallo,i have written a poem about ফ্যানপপ
plz tell me how's it

Luv MY friends
All of u
No words to describe u all
Beautiful friends
Luvly Clubs
Heavy talks
Lots of chats
Give lovely Polls…………☺☺☺

Answer the Questions
অনুরাগী the icons……☺☺☺

Just write the articles
Give the links
N then অনুরাগী the things………☺☺☺

উঠিয়ে রাখুন pictures
Reply forums
Make some Quizzes……………☺☺☺

Get some props
Have some caps
Let’s do this all 4 medals…….☺☺☺

Post ur pics
In ur fave clubs
N get ur উত্তর Voted as Best ………..☺☺☺

Make some friends
4rm all over the WORLD
Introduce Urselfs
To all ur FreiEnds…………..
posted by randomgirl3000
Daniel is the only child of Alan George Radcliffe, a literary agent, and Marcia Jeannine Gresham, a casting agent.

Daniel Radcliffe's father is Protestant while his mother is Jewish. He, however, was raised without religion.

Daniel Radcliffe made his অভিনয় debut at age ten in BBC One's 1999 টেলিভিশন movie David Copperfield, portraying the young David.

After the first Harry Potter movie, attending school became hard for Daniel Radcliffe, with some fellow pupils becoming hostile.

Daniel Radcliffe admitted he was not very good at school, considered it useless, and found the work to be...
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posted by superDivya
I luv u sini <3 thnx for working out my problem,
So here is a short poem I made দ্বারা myself for u...

U helped me through my hard times,
U never left my hand and held me tight,
Ur the best, ur the best
I luv u, আরো than the rest,
U r my bestie,
U r my Didi,
I luv u, I luv u,
Thanx for ur care<3

I wrote this for sini. cause she just helped me in a situation just now, so this is just a thanx poem to her from me
I am not really good at লেখা poems, so please মতামত on this and tell me that how is it :D
those who [i]do not know Hindi, I will tell আপনি what is the meaning of 'Didi' in the 3rd-last-line (last word)
It means 'my elder sister'

প্রণয় আপনি shiwangni<3
posted by t_direction
i luv to write poems (n stories) so i wrote a poem for sini cuz she is sooooooooo sweet.....
i hope she likes it ♥

shiwangni is her name
into my life she came
she brought me showers
of the most sweet flowers
i intend to do the same
without her i am so lame
she makes me strong
she is never wrong
she loves to say lol
she is beautiful as a doll
a huge অনুরাগী of daniel radcliffe is she
n she is a real sis of me ♥

plz মতামত to tell me that what do think about it !

posted by Iam567
Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (born 23 July 1989) is an English actor who rose to prominence playing the শিরোনাম character in the Harry Potter film series. Radcliffe made his অভিনয় debut at age ten in BBC One's 1999 টেলিভিশন movie David Copperfield, followed দ্বারা his film debut in 2001's The Tailor of Panama. At age eleven he was cast as the শিরোনাম character in the first Harry Potter film, and starred in the series for ten years until the release of the eighth and final film in July 2011. He also began to branch out to stage অভিনয় in 2007, starring in the লন্ডন and New York productions of the play...
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posted by a11-swift
Harry Potter is an orphan whom Rowling imagined as a "scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who didn't know he was a wizard." She developed the series' story and characters to explain how Harry came to be in this situation and how his life unfolded from there. Apart from the first chapter, the events of this book take place just before and in the বছর following Harry's eleventh birthday. Voldemort's attack left a lightning bolt-shaped scar on Harry's forehead, which produces stabbing pains when Voldemort feels any strong emotion. Harry has prodigious natural talent for Quidditch and the ability...
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posted by a11-swift
Before the start of the novel, Voldemort, considered the most evil and powerful dark wizard in history, kills Harry's parents but mysteriously vanishes after trying to kill the infant Harry. While the wizarding world celebrates Voldemort's downfall, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid place the one year-old orphan in the care of his neglectful and abusive Muggle (non-wizard) uncle and aunt: Vernon and পিটুনিয়া Dursley, who have a son, Dudley, a spoiled and selfish boy.

For ten years, Harry is tormented দ্বারা the Dursleys. Shortly before his eleventh birthday, a series of...
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