"They`re just a couple আপনি can`t ignore. It`s in their eyes since the Pilot."
First off I'd just like to say major Congrats are in order for being voted the very first স্কিন্স্‌ FOTM, Mary. We all know what a HUGE স্কিন্স্‌ অনুরাগী আপনি are so আপনি totally deserve to be the first FOTM. And y'all she's got some amazing উত্তর in here so read on! Now let's start the interview!

1. How did আপনি first hear about Skins?

HAHA you`re bringing me back to those days eh? Well,me and my friend Dawn (livelovelaugh) were having a conversation in the BFG (Brucas অনুরাগী Girls) forum. So she`d talk about স্কিন্স্‌ and about how she was nervous cause brand new generation was starting,cast had changed blah blah blah. দ্বারা that time the first 4 epis of Series 3 had already aired. Anyway,she`d talk non stop about the magic of স্কিন্স্‌ and about how I should give it a try etc. I was majorly interested when she gave me a brief বিবরণ of the প্রদর্শনী but still...I didn`t watch it. THANK GOD,my subscriptions box on YT was filled with lovely Freddie/Effy videos. I just clicked on what cause I instantly saw them together on screen and I was like "WOAH". They simply took my breath away with that classroom scene the fanvid contained...I guess this was the very first স্কিন্স্‌ scene I watched. So yeah,I started watching for FE. I watched the first 4 epis of S3 online and then continued watching S3. During summertime I rewatched S1&S2.

2. After watching the pilot what was your first reaction to the show?

I didn`t techically got to watch the actual Pilot. I watched the Pilot of সেকেন্ড Generation. But still,as I ব্যক্ত I was amazed. Kaya had already become my ultimate girl crush,I think. HAHAHA. But yeah,I was pissed off দ্বারা the end of it cause of stupid CE (don`t hate me CE fans). Like...how could she have such intense eyesex with Freds and then fuck with Cook? ROFL. But it didn`t matter cause I knew who she really wanted since ep 1 so whatever. Anyway,as আপনি can understand I was interested in the ত্রিভুজ only,judging from The Pilot. Yet,I absolutely ADORED Emily in it. I related strongly to her.

3. What do আপনি think makes it different than all the other teen dramas out there?

Oh man. This is my fave প্রশ্ন to answer ever,I think. There`s so much I could go on about...it`s the magic of স্কিন্স্‌ I guess. In স্কিন্স্‌ people don`t rape for ratings and it`s as simple as that. Writers aren`t some middle aged miserable losers,they`re adults at their 20`s who have recently went through their teen phase and come to write about it. So that`s why it always feels আরো realistic compared to other shows. Ofcource it ain`t fully realistic. But who cares? Major thing that makes the difference though has to be character developement. In স্কিন্স্‌ everyone initially appears to be like someone and then as season progresses আপনি come to realise they`re NOT the person you`re thinking of them to be. In other teen dramas it`s not really about the character. It`s all about the freaking couples.

4. Which character do আপনি relate to the most?
"I`m this confused person who usually is 100% clueless when it comes to what i`m supposed to do with my life."

Idk...hmmm I`d say Sid. Really. Actually it`s a tie between Emily in S3 and Sid. But yeah,Sid mostly. I`m this confused person who usually is 100% clueless when it comes to what i`m supposed to do with my life. I find it terribly difficult to take important decisions and deal with stuff but I`d mostly do anything for my friends. Yeah,i`m the loser. I`m Sid. LMAO. I relate to him in mostly everything. Then Emily,I deffo relate to her as well. I`m shy irl and it`s official. I do fight for the ones I love,exactly just like her and tend to defend my decisions no matter how they piss everyone else around me off.

5. Who is your স্কিন্স্‌ OTP?

Freddie/Effy without any,ANY doubt. They`re the couple that initiated me to স্কিন্স্‌ in the first place. I`m not the type of couple shipper who will instantly fall for the couple since দিন one and will ship them all the way. I usually want to see some couple developement before I start officially shipping them. But Freddie/Effy are the exception to the rule. I was 100% in প্রণয় with them from the moment I saw them. Ofcource I`m pretty sure I`d give up on them If I didn`t like their storyline but I adore the way their প্রণয় was progressed. Storyline&Chemistry = Perfect match. They`re just a couple আপনি can`t ignore. It`s in their eyes since the Pilot. Idk how to even explain it.

6. When did আপনি fall in প্রণয় with them?

This vid: link. First স্কিন্স্‌ vid I ever watched and It was about them. I watched this and I fell for them. Period.

7. What song do আপনি think defines them?
"It`s about trying to save eachother. Struggling to get through everything together."

It`s "Down". Yes it does fit many ships but It definitely defines Freddie/Effy as a whole in a way. Focusing on S4 but still,it defines them for me. "I shot for the sky,i`m stuck on the ground,why do I try? I know i`m gonna fall down. I thought I could fly,so why did I drown? I`ll never know why it`s coming down down down..." Effy`s POV.It`s about trying to save eachother. Struggling to get through everything together. But she`s still "coming down" and along with her he`s coming down too and everything`s coming down in general. It represents Freddie`s try to "save her" from her own self.

8. The প্রশ্ন we've all answered a million times: Which generation is your favorite?

Generation two. As much as I truly প্রণয় Gen 1,I got to watch Gen two first. And so gen two felt আপনি know...more like MY generation. I always felt আরো attached to gen 2 as a whole although I definitely was related to some Gen 1 characters. I adore the Cast of Gen 2,I think it`s one of the most fun and exciting casts ever. They`re made of absolute awesomeness in general. Personally I think every gen had her flaws and good points. Like,Gen 1,friendships were definitely আরো developed. Bondings between characters were pretty damn kick ass...there was THE legendery Tone/Sid friendship. Ships were cool but not as awesome as Gen 2 ships. And আপনি know...there`s basically Lily Loveless and Kaya Scodelario. So I couldn`t really ask for anything better. But yeah,each gen was epic for it`s own reasons. It`s what makes স্কিন্স্‌ as a show,epic and different after all.

9. What are your শীর্ষ 3 পছন্দ স্কিন্স্‌ quotes?

HOW DARE আপনি ASK THIS? Oh my gosh. স্কিন্স্‌ is like the most quotable প্রদর্শনী ever and you`re asking me to only pick 3 quotes? That`s pretty fucking cruel Rachel. Anyway.

a)Tony: "With Effy it`s different cause she`s my sister and I sort of own her. But with you...I just really wanted আপনি there."
Sid: Truth is,Tone,you sort of own me too. Mostly in a good way.

b)Effy: "I went crazy when I was with you. আপনি make me go mad. Love`s not supposed to do that."
Freddie: "You`re making me mad,now,Effy. And that`s exactly what love`s supposed to do."

c)Cassie: "Do আপনি remember when আপনি rode with me in the অ্যাম্বুলেন্স after I tried to kill myself?"
Jal: "Ofcource."
Cassie: "That`s what প্রণয় feels like."

10. What is THE most epic scene in Skins?
"But every hint of epicness...it`s like HIDDEN THERE. In that scene. To me it`s everything."

You`re being cruel again,ROOOFL. Most epic স্কিন্স্‌ scene has to be Tony/Sid emotional hug in Sid`s episode in S2. I can`t put into words my প্রণয় for this scene. I...I can`t even begin to describe it. I think i`ve tried explaining it before. There`s just this loud music...there`s Sid,his father has just died and he won`t call his mum. And there`s Tone. He`s still confused,doesn`t remember basic stuff after the accident. They`re there standing. Each at one corner. Psychedelic music`s playing on the background. Party people are all dancing to it inside the club. Tony & Sid simply সরানো through the crowd. They hug. And they both cry. It`s like they`re "finding" eachother again. And it feels so fucking emotional,I can`t ever EVER hold MY tears. It`s such an underrated moment. But every hint of epicness...it`s like HIDDEN THERE. In that scene. To me it`s everything.

11. How do আপনি feel about the death scenes?

Taking out Freddie`s one,I suppose their ok. I loved Sid`s father death scene. They didn`t technically প্রদর্শনী him dying. We only got to watch the after part,but still It was pretty realistic. I mean I hated it when Mark died. He was for SURE my fave স্কিন্স্‌ parent and he still is,but he had just kicked out of his house his dad,who was a total cunt. He had taken a stand in his life. And he was proud of it. So he died happy on his coach. Sure it was surprising and dramatic but I was like "WOAH". Now Chris`s dying scene,OH MY. I didn`t cry. Unlike most people. Him shaking though & then blood coming out...*_* Yes,It was...what can I even say? Emotional isn`t even enough. Freddie`s one was absolutely,ABSOLUTELY fucking ridiculous. And i`m pretty sure most people agree on that.

12. Is there any aspect of the প্রদর্শনী আপনি would change?

No. None. It`s perfect as it is. I would never change a thing.

13. Which character could the প্রদর্শনী have done without?

Jal,Thomas,Maxxie,Pandora. To me they brought nothing to the show. Maxxie was sweet but he never convinced me as a character. He didn`t even give him a proper storyline to begin with. The one he had in S1 was tolerable,but the S2 one was pretty damn shit. Pandora...she`s useless and not in a good way to me. I hate her friendship with Eff,she`s had her funny moments but aside that she`s completeley pointless. JAL = WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF SCREEN TIME. JESUS. My hate for her character knows no limits. Simple as that. Aaaand,same goes for Thomas although I did like his episode in S3.

14. You're stranded on an island. Which character do আপনি want sitting পরবর্তি to you?
"I would have Naomi. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee! There`s noone like Campbell is it?"

I would have Naomi. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee! There`s noone like Campbell is it? Although Tony fucking Stonem would rock as a company as well. But no,I want Naoms. For the obvious reasons. *cough* I`d marry her. Gladly. *cough*

15. Which character do আপনি think the writers neglected?

Michelle. They gave her nothing. NOTHING but some mom&half sister drama. Her character was revolving the whole time around Tony. She wasn`t practically anything without Tony. I loved her fucked up friendship/relationship with Sid but there`s was simply nothing to her. Yet,I think Michelle is for sure one of the most realistic স্কিন্স্‌ characters. Like,they neglected her,but it was for a reason. I don`t hate her...I used to hate her. But i`d never "love" her either cause she mostly bored the fuck out of me. সেকেন্ড one would be Maxxie অথবা Anwar. AAND I don`t think anyone of the 2nd gen was neglected except Thomas actually.

16. What scene made আপনি cry your eyes out?

It`s a tie. I won`t choose. I can`t choose. Last moment of Sid/Tone ever. Sid at the airport,final hug and goodbye scene between them. Tony cries = I CRY. AND Naomi/Emily roof scene. Naomi breaks down,Emily leaves and Naomi shouting "Emily,EMILY". Mostly cause of Lily`s acting. I swear...I couldn`t fucking breathe during that scene. Just the heartbreak on Lily`s face. This scene was acted so perfectly...like...*_* Special mention goes to Cook giving Effy Freddie`s notebook. Effy turns all the pages and she reads the "ILY"`s...I was.DYING. I have cried my eyes out during all of them. I`m not a crier damn it. But স্কিন্স্‌ does make me cry quite a lot.
"I swear...I couldn`t fucking breathe during that scene. Just the heartbreak on Lily`s face."

17. Which "type" of season do আপনি like better? The meeting of the characters (S1 and S3) অথবা exploring the characters in আরো depth (S2 and S4)?

I প্রণয় প্রণয় প্রণয় the dark seasons. I do. With all my heart. They`re dramatic and edgy and emotional and SKINS,but S1 & S3 are my guilty pleasures. That`s actually quite funny cause generally my fave moments are from S2&S4...but ANYWAY. It`s cause I`m a sucker for the fun in Skins. The bloody epic perfect sarcastic lines,Sid`s effin monologues,Cassie`s "oh wow`s",Naomi`s bitchy quotes...generally THE FUN. Drama is a huge part of the প্রদর্শনী but when drama and fun are balanced and combined in some way then there`s the perfection of স্কিন্স্‌ on it`s whole greatness. That doesn`t mean I don`t recognise the absolute magic of the dark seasons. I appreciate it and I প্রণয় it as well.

18. What are your thoughts on the third generation?
"I still can`t imagine স্কিন্স্‌ without Effy Stonem. Not only cause she`s my fave character but because I simply think she defines if not all,THE BASIC aspects in Skins."

I have no idea. I don`t find none of the new people particularly attractive but Freya. I mean,at this point we can`t judge but only from physical appearence right? Well yeah,none is good looking but that doesn`t say anything,ofcource. স্কিন্স্‌ is so much আরো than good looks and shit. So yeah,i`m all for the new Generation. I`ll give them a chance. I প্রণয় স্কিন্স্‌ and I trust স্কিন্স্‌ writers. However,I wanna be honest right there. I still can`t imagine স্কিন্স্‌ without Effy Stonem. Not only cause she`s my fave character but because I simply think she defines if not all,THE BASIC aspects in Skins. And she`s been of the whole story and...GAH,it will be fucking difficult for me to let go of her epicness.

19. Which types of storylines would আপনি like to see and not see in the 3rd generation?

I`d like to see a triangle. Yes,i`m still not sick of স্কিন্স্‌ triangle. I`d deffo like a new one with proper build up and developement. If the answer wasn`t that obvious as the পূর্ববর্তি ত্রিভুজ though i`d be highly pleased. I mean,It was FE from the very very beginning in S3. Although CE developed I still don`t understand how could people even think for a সেকেন্ড Effy was meant to "love" anyone but Freddie. She was emotionally attached to him and only to him. Sure she shared a beautiful friendship with Cook but she never loved him the way she loved Freds. In S3 i want the ত্রিভুজ to be even আরো edgy. Not that the CFE ত্রিভুজ was predictable. But still. Also,I would very much like to see some kick গাধা friendship scenes. As much as I প্রণয় Gen 2 it lacked good friendships. AND OFCOURCE I WANT আরো যেভাবে খুশী হৃদয় TO HEARTS. They complete my life.

20. স্কিন্স্‌ Movie is coming up. What do আপনি want to see?

Freddie coming back from the dead. BOO! LOL. Kidding. I`ve dealt with the fact he`s not coming back. And I don`t mind since i`ve dealt with the fact that now Effy will simply have to be alone. But yeah,I would very much like to see how Effy`s storyline`s gonna go in the movie. I`d appreciate some nice closure for my পছন্দ character. I`d DETEST a CE thing though. I wouldn`t fucking bare it. It would ruin everything. What else now? Ehmm...NAOMI. আরো focus on Naomi`s character please. And no Katie if possible. Blah. But at least,not much Katie,I wouldn`t stand it.

"I adore the Cast of Gen 2,I think it`s one of the most fun and exciting casts ever."