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What happens when আপনি get a crowd of theatre people in a room with a catchy song from a favourite series!
call the understudy
theme song
drunk chorus
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নমস্কার I just found this amazing event happenin' in Toronto. আপনি cannot miss Susan Coyne this Sunday Novemeber 28th on stage পাঠ করা a play দ্বারা Rosamund Small

This is a rare chance to see Susan doing something different. See the details below

I think everyone should book their tickets early too, this is going to sell out.

Paprika Does Double Digits
10th Anniversary Celebration
November 28th

Watch the Trailer! link

a collection of work from the past ten years, performed দ্বারা current
participants, artists, alumni and বন্ধু of the Festival

Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
30 Bridgman Ave. (One block north of Dupont & Bathurst)
Reception at 7pm Performance at 8pm
For tickets, call the Tarragon Box Office at 416.531.1827
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I প্রণয় this series. I own all three seasons, and they make me laugh each time. I guess, if আপনি aren't acustomed to the theatre world, আপনি might not get it. But my mom was a stage actress, and I myself প্রণয় drama and theatre, so it really hit a core with me. I think though, even if আপনি don't have hands-on experience with it, you'd enjoy this series because it's ridiculously funny either way, in my opinion. I'm glad they didn't make a 4th season, even though I প্রণয় it, I think it's best that they stopped while they were ahead.
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