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posted by erinthecarrot
the rain and the snow

the rain can fall in the দিন অথবা the night
and the snow keeps snowing and makes us feel bright

when the rain starts to sprinkle
and snow starts to stop

the rain is all done
and the snow melts beneath the sun.

but there is no need to worry
no need to cry

the rain and the snow will soon again
fall from the sky.,

but until that time comes to make us feel good
there are other conditions আপনি should now, আপনি really should.

like when it gets cloudy
and the clouds hide the sun

অথবা when it gets windy
and your ঘুড়ি flys as আপনি run

as it gets sunny
and its really hot

dont forget about the rain
and the snow

( seriously, do not )
When it rains.
আপনি let it rain.
And when it snows.
আপনি let it snow.
But when I
Try to fix
your broken heart.
আপনি won't let me.
Oh no আপনি won't.
It doesn't matter
If rains অথবা shines.
Your enimies are keeping আপনি all night
Yeah all night. Thats right.
I tell আপনি that
I'll be your cure.
But আপনি won't let me cure you.
Oh no. আপনি won't.
So Ill mend your heart.
No matter what it takes!
I find a cure tht আপনি might take.
I'll mend your হৃদয় with snow and rain.

I প্রণয় this my poem mine