I can NOT possibly be the only one that finds this "person" almost too irritating to watch, and this is a really good program.
She looks like আগুন Marshall Bill, (done দ্বারা Jim Kerry on In Living Color), she sits there with her lips pulled back in a snarl like a hyena. I'd like to see one of her teeth right in front fall out right on TV.
That's not the worst, her voice is দ্বারা far THE most irritating sound on earth and when she starts her screaming, and false cetto rampage, it reminds me of the loudest, most irritating, ছুরি in the brain, migraine starting, baby, on an airplane অথবা grocery store.
All contestants performing have to hear her
"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" Please gag me with a very large something.

GET HER OFF THE SHOW! She ruins it.