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 sonic crying base
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Source: me =3=
female sonic character
added by blossom1111
Source: (i made the base someone made the picture)
added by HannahStickles8
Source: Me :D
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Source: i forget
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Source: shadowluvgirl inc
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Source: me
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Source: deviantART
added by DarkShades879
Source: deviantART
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Source: this base belong to sonnywolf
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Source: sunnythewolf
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Source: Me/GIMP 2.6
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Source: Basey
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Source: base (danniwolf09) & me
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Source: In গুগুল
added by Sunnythewolf09
Source: me and umm idk XD
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Source: Me! :D
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Source: shadowgirl101
added by blossom1111
Source: To me Only!
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Source: me and zougethebat who mad the base!
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Source: SEGA