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 Lil the Cat Channel
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This is what I got from an art-trade. আপনি can see it on MY spot if আপনি look. This is what a fancharacter channel is SUPPOSED to look like! Not some freakin' recolor!!!
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Miss me?... didn't think so... Anyway, while I was gone, I've been লেখা books. New characters, new places, all that good stuff. I thought, it wouldn't hurt to tell আপনি guys about Boom, cause his back story has never been told.

Boom was born from Rythe and Xion. Rythe is a Hedge-Bat, and Xion is an Ecidna. Boom was born 4 years before his younger brother, Slash. Boom quickly learned how to use a gun, and দ্বারা the time he was 10, could snipe a 6 inch in radius target in the center from a mile away. When he was 12, he got his first set of pistols. He dual-wielded them like a real pro. To this...
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soon as they heard those words both elise and rath scrambled to break the tank when they did they helped the hedgehog out of the tank on to a near দ্বারা chair " what were আপনি doing in that tank " elise asked the hedgehog " I don't know all I now is my name is kalus and that's it ব্যক্ত kalus with a confused look on his face " ok I believe আপনি " ব্যক্ত elise." now the real প্রশ্ন can আপনি fight" ব্যক্ত rath." I think so" ব্যক্ত grief still trying to remember something." oh no DR. neg has released 7 war bots out into the city" yelled elise from her computer." good time to get payback on those things for...
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--------------------------------------------------THAT NIGHT... Zim and Tak got no sleep. They both stayed up all night trying to fix Gir. Tey tried putting in new batteries, waving a টাকো in front of his nose, and even trying to get the lava out with a syringe. They still had one choice. They spent the other half of the night trying to make a Chaos Emerald. Finally, the পান্না was complete. They put the পান্না inside of Gir. "Why'd আপনি taunt me with that টাকো knowing I couldn't get it?" গির said. "It worked!" Zim said. They opened their door, but they didn't get out....
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 ruby the hedgehog
ruby the hedgehog
"what's the পরবর্তি misson" "The other chaos emrald is at the town of soleanna" says emma "ok I'm off" Ruby went in the HQ helicopter and landed in the town of soleanna. "so you're that ruby the hedgehog" "huh, who's there" A bat flies down "I'm Rouge the bat" " I see that আপনি got the chaos emerald" ruby says " I'm a treasure hunter on my spare time" rouge says "I'm sorry but I need to take that emerald" "Never" rouge says "I gess we'll have to fight for it" rouge takes the first সরানো using a spin attack. I doge and kick her "you're not to weak, but not to strong ethier" rouge says trowing another kick hiting me. "I've heard of you, you're that secret agent,I'm one too" "Who's You're leader"rouge says "emma"ruby says "emma...I know her" "you do" "yes, but I still can't give আপনি the chaos emerald"rouge says "As long as she knows that someone good has it, it will be fine" I went back to HQ helicopter. Back towrds the spy HQ.
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"You're misson is to recover the chaos emeralds." "ok" Ruby runs off heading towards Eggman's base."who's that" ruby thinks. As a Blue hedgehog races by. "It don't matter" As ruby sneaks into one of the vents. Crawling until the she sees the glow of the red chaos emerald. "It's like taking ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট form a baby" ruby jumps out of the vent and takes the chaos emerald. As she gets ready to leave a two tailed শিয়াল walks in. "huh, who are you" "I'm ruby, don't bother me" she jumps into the vent before tails can get her. "Get back here ruby" Ruby escapes Eggman's base and run torwds the spy HQ. "so আপনি say a red hedgehog took the chaos emerald" says sonic "yes, she escaped before I could get her" says tails angerliy "let go after her,sonic" says cream "I'm back" "Good job, angent ruby"says Emma the HQ leader "I have a question, who's the yellow two tailed fox" ruby demands "tails the শিয়াল he travels with sonic the hedgehog" "tell me more"
“Say what?” Lil shook her head. “Are আপনি accusing me of keeping a criminal secret from the authorities?”

“Don’t lie to me, Black Cat.” Shadow felt his emotions grow hot. “I know আপনি have connections with a male cat about my height, golden-yellow with red hair. I’ve seen you. Don’t tell me you’re afraid I might hurt him. I won’t, I swear to আপনি that I won’t.”

“I just don’t like anything to do with ARK.” Lil felt like she had shrunk. “Okay, I’ll admit that I have connections with him. I broke off our relationship two years ago. I don’t know where he is or...
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Note: This is a continuation of Part 3. আপনি need to read some of the other stuff first.

The rush of wind flowing past his ears made Sonic feel alive again. Of course, he wasn't running at the speed of sound, exactly. He was just running faster than 60 miles an hour, because he had both Tails and Knuckles following him at 50 miles an hour.

"Feels like old times, huh?" Sonic called back. "Man! I'm unstoppable!"

"Just like old times." Knuckles rolled his eyes. "At least I have a life and a career! I'm not living in my mother's basement!"

"You don't even know your mom." Tails snapped. "Anyway, the...
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tl;dr mary sue is to general of a word be specific assholes other wise it's not helpful
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