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5 is the boy 6 is the girl 7 is the boy and 8 is the girl
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 The cool রামধনু the শিয়াল (better than cosmo)
The cool Rainbow the fox (better than cosmo)
It was a stormy দিন at Mobius and Tails stared out the window glumly he sighed 'great' he thought 'just when i finally turn 17 i cant go out' but an ঘন্টা later there was a রামধনু and it was sunny. 'YES ok im off out see u Cosmo honey' he called 'ok Tails dear be careful' it was warm and beautiful. he walked closer to the রামধনু it was leading towards the forest and he saw a figure রামধনু coloured 'probably just the rainbow' he thought to himself but this figure something was there NO some ONE...he thought of turning back and telling Cosmo after all she WAS his girlfriend but...
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At Tails's workshop:
Luna:ok before i say why i gathered আপনি all here, i want Sonic and Amy to sit down please
Both:um ok (sit down)
Luna:ok remember that 5 days পূর্বে Magic went to save her two beloved childern, and she hasn't come back
Luna:well we found her but
Amy/mom:(frantically) but what
Luna:(turns to Silver) Silver?
Silver:ok (walks out of the room and comes back with me in his arms)
Mom&Dad:magic! (Ran to Silver)
Mom:what happened to her
Luna:eggman hit her with Goo-Goo Gas and now she's a baby
Dad:(clenched his hand into a fist) eggman went to far this time
After a big বিতর্ক on...
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Is was new years eve a special দিন forpeople to have a good time and celebrate the new year!

lady-dont আপনি just প্রণয় the new years dear?
man-yea i প্রণয় it(while still পাঠ করা the news paper)

10 আরো সেকেন্ড
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic and বন্ধু were dancing and shoting guns... well only shadow was shooting the guns


knuckles-HEY WATCH IT--

shadow-I'LL SHOOT YOU!

knuckles-on সেকেন্ড thought..go on ahead

shadow-thats what i thought

tails-everybody perpare yourselfs for the best fireworks specktecular youve ever seen in your life!
as আপনি watch আপনি will...
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