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 My Recolour Adoption
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5 is the boy 6 is the girl 7 is the boy and 8 is the girl
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Age: 13
species: fox
Family: Miles Prower (Anti-Tails)
Likes: Teasing/beating up Amber, bossing around Kylie and Satara, horror movies.
Dislikes: Meg.A.Coola''Lucie-Lu'', Romance, history.
Mobius X Version?: Yes
Theme: 'What I've Done' দ্বারা Linkin Park

Gwendoline is pretty much a bully's nightmare, she's that bad. She is Amber's evil counterpart, and she takes it really seriously. She's violence's biggest fan, and always practices being mean on Amber. But...If she gets seriously hurt,(and she always stays conscious) she's pretty nice. But it's pretty hard to get her! She's the most flexible of my fan...
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