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5 is the boy 6 is the girl 7 is the boy and 8 is the girl
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The Story begins When Pella is sitting on her বিছানা alone with Tails.
Pella:I wish I could go on a Quest...A big one too!
Tails:Well আপনি can!
Tails:Well Where do আপনি wanna go?
Pella:Anywhere! I just want to impress Knux!
Tails:Why dont আপনি just tell him that?
Pella:It's kinda...personal...
Tails:You can tell me! Your like a sis to me!
Pella:Ok...I think he's stronger than me...but...but...
Tails:But what?
Pella:*CRIES* I'm the weakest person he knows!!!!
Tails:-.- I'm pretty sure Charmy is...
Tails:You Want me to train you?
Pella:You would do that for me?
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Theme: Switch দ্বারা Ashley Tisdale
Love/Crush: Wizard the Lunar Hedgehog
Home: Tech Crisis,Dead Line
Fav Colors: Red, Blue, Purple
Fav Food:She doesnt really eat much but she'll eat this werid খাবার called "milas geanto"
Friends: Flame the Bat, Crazy the Hedgehog, Snow the Cat, Serenity the Hedgehog,Galaxy the Bat, Pualina the Rabbit, Satellite the Hedgehog
Enemies: Mirage the Bat, Aquamarine the Bat, Gizmo the Fox, সিয়ারা the Hedgehog
Fav Drink: StarLight Dust.
Birth: August, 26, 1996
Personality: A futuristic Cosmic cat who loves to explore new galaxies and planets. she loves hangin out with Wizard. She plays a very important part in Dead Line... and thats making peace with the planets around hers. it can be very dangerous at times but shes tough enough to handle it. she likes conneting the dots with the stars in her free time.
 Eternity the Cosmic Cat
Eternity the Cosmic Cat
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