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posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
Has super-strength, is faster than Sonic and Shadow together, can jump into the highest tree, can go through force-fields can dart lightning bolts out of his hand, can talk to জন্তু জানোয়ার and control them, is really smart, can steal another creature's powers and strength.

Has a soft spot only for Cherie the hedgehog. He is a deadly enemy of the "bad guys" and has a vow that he will destroy them with the help of Aqua the hedgehog and Cherie.

He is 30 and in human form 25.

He is the most powerful "good" hedgehog other thn Sonic. If anyone tried to fight him, they usually won easily. His strongest power was his strength.
posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
He met Cherie and Aqua when they were only pre-teens (11 and 8). Cherie was a sweet, shy and creative hedgehog with a few rough edges. Aqua was small excited, a bit shy but had no real imagination. She was so serious! Spike was blown away with Cherie's beauty and grace. She had a natural charm that captivated all who met her. Spike was এনচ্যান্টেড দ্বারা her.

Spike was a fairly attrctive 14 বছর old teenager that had a mind overwhelmed with creativity and imagination. He was really clever and strong. He had super-strength.

His childhood wasn't easy! He had an army come over every 4th দিন to destroy...
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