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posted by padani53
The two ships flew towards the mountain range that seemed so far away. The sky continued to darken and Master Sinube took some readings.
"Anakin," he ব্যক্ত to the young Jedi, "There is evidence of wind rotation in the মেঘ cover and the wind speeds are increasing."
"Whoa!!" came a cry over the tranceiver.
"Rex, are আপনি boys okay?" Anakin asked sensing the troopers' fear.
"That was some wicked turbulance," the clone captain answered back, "I don't think the "NIGHTMARE can take much আরো of this."
"Hold on, we'll be at the mountain range soon."
Ahsoka glanced back at the S'alebacians seeing the fear on their faces. She glanced out the TWILIGHT'S main viewport and gasped.
There directly in front of them was a funnel মেঘ forming. This one was easily three times larger than the storm that had hit them in the village.
"Master..." she gasped.
Anakin looked up from the controls and saw the storm directly in their flight path.
He jerked the steering controls throwing the TWILIGHT in a sharp starboard dive.
"Rex!" he yelled, "Turn away from the storm!"
"Sir..." was all Anakin heard before the 'NIGHTMARE was engulfed দ্বারা the strom.
"No!!" Ahsoka sreamed and shut her eyes to keep the tears inside.
Anakin shut his eyes and reached out with the Force to put a barrier around the gunship.
"General!" Rex called out, "I don't know what's happening, but the ship has steadied even though I think we are inside the storm."
Anakin didn't answer. His eyes were still shut. Sweat appeared on his forehead and blood tricked from his nose.
"Master..." Ahsoka whispered and glanced back at Master Sinube who was standing পরবর্তি to Anakin, hands on the young Jedi's shoulders. She knew that Sinube was adding his abilities to Anakin's.
Anakin started to shake and Sinube fell away.
Ahsoka helped the elderly Jedi to his feet and gestured to the co-pilot আসন for him to sit. She stood behind Anakin and put her hands on his shoulders to add her Force abilities to his.
Sinube took the ship's controls and guided the small freighter back towards the storm.
"Captain Rex!" he called over the tranceiver, "Can আপনি hear me?"
"Barely, Master Sinube. We have sustained alot of damage but no injuries except for frayed nerves and sick stomachs."
"Hold on, we're coming for you"
"Negative sir," the clone captain said, "Our engines are overheating and nearing critical. The best thing for us to crash land somewhere and get out before we blow up."
"Rex!" Anakin called out as his Force link broke, "No! We will rescue you!"
"General, আপনি of all people, know that the idea of a mid-flight rescue is out of the question!"
"We can piggy-back the gunship on the TWILIGHT," Ahsoka added looking over at Anakin who looked the worst for wear. His normally bright blue eyes were blood-shot. He wiped the blood away from his nose and upper lip.
"That might work!" he said.
"You children are crazy!" Sinube answered, "But it is the only way to save them."
"This will take some precision flying," Anakin said, "So, Rex I want আপনি at the controls."
"Yes sir. Are আপনি sure this will work? Our engines are getting hotter!"
Anakin looked to Master Sinube and Ahsoka for reassurance. The he looked back at the S'alebacians and their sad expressions.
"Yes....It will work!"
added by Tripod75
Rys, JJeck, Thire -> Season one Disc One "Ambush"
Matchstick, Tag -> Part of Anakin's স্বর্ণ Squad died "Shadow of Malevolence"

Broadside -> lives until movie 4, part of স্বর্ণ Squad in show

Droidbait, Cutup, Heavy, Echo, and Fives -> Season One Disc One "Rookies" (except Droidbait) and Season Three Disc One "Clone Cadets" ; with additional appearance for only Echo in Season 3 Disc 4... see following: Cutup killed দ্বারা giant eel, Heavy sacrificed himself, Echo killed defending getaway ship "Citadel Rescue"

Niner and Bel ->season one disc two "Lair of Grievous"

Mack-> died in crash:...
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Obi-Wan couldn't keep this a secret any longer. He knew he had to tell someone. This secret was one secret that in which no longer needed to be kept. The secret? He and Satine were going to be parents! The pregnancy occurred before SHE got killed দ্বারা Maul and after HE faked his death. The Jedi order gave Obi-Wan a temporary leave and he traveled to Mandelore. He was ecstatic to see Satine again and when they had a moment alone, let's just say one thing led to another. Yes, Satine was over the moon about becoming a mother, but also worried about what the news might do to Obi-Wan if the Jedi found...
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posted by mhs1025
Anakin was sound asleep when he heard faint crying. He thought he was dreaming and went back to sleep. The crying was heard again. Anakin soon realized the crying was real and went to go check on that person. He searched, but no one was in sight. He continued searching, but still no one. Just when he was about to give up, he heard and saw the person. And boy was he pained when he saw who it was.

"OBI-WAN!" Anakin yelled as he rushed over to Obi-Wan's side. "What do আপনি want, Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked in a teary voice. "I want to help you." Anakin answered. "I'm quite alright." Obi-Wan replied trying...
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posted by lovingflame
Master Yoda entered the room cautiously as he heard the sudden silence. The woman, her back towards him. Unguarded. She stood as an open book,nothing stopped the feelings from wrapping around him. Feeding on his Force. He gasped at it,making the woman turn in his direction. মরগান took a step back as she saw the small creature stagger into the room. As he fell she went to him kneeling."Are আপনি alright?" মরগান reached down a hand to help him. Yoda felt his Force returned double that which he'd lost.Opening his eyes, he stared at the deep green eyes. No. She didn't even know what had happened....
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posted by lovingflame
As Captain Rex woke up,he groaned.He felt as if he'd gone 10 rounds with a jack hammer and lost."Hey,pal." a female voice croaked weakly. Opening his eyes he saw the woman from his dream.Groaning he shut his eyes again."Come on man,speak. I'm bored. They didn't even let Ora come visit." For the first time he realized he could understand her. So he opened his eyes again."How can I understand you?" then he held up a hand."Let me guess আপনি don't know." Rex sat up noticing that he had bruises from his chest all the way down to his waist."Sorry.I got a little rough,but at least আপনি were in front...
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posted by lovingflame
(this is only for fun, not profit. Most of the story is filled with George Lucus' brilliant ideas.So I can't take credit for alot of it, just some of it.)

Ahsoka found Rex sitting alone and taking a drink at a back booth, in the officer's mess. Eye brows quirked up as she found a আসন পরবর্তি to him."Hey young'un', whats on your mind?"
"Alot actually."She rubbed the still itching imprint against her leg. Picking her hand up, Rex flipped it over."Where did this come from?" His keen eyes making out the pattern of a hand through the reddness. Ahsoka, fidgeted uncomfortably."I don't know?" Narrowing...
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posted by lovingflame
মরগান closed her eyes, as the medication worked through her system. A full বছর had passed and still she relived it like it had happened yesterday.Spring had just poured into the city, shrouding everything in a heavy blanket of fog and mist. Making it an uneasy trip for most commuters, except for Morgan. Who'd been luck enough to take over her বন্ধু high rise lease, when the girl had gotten hitched. With her work down at her cousin's publishing company only blocks away it couldn't have been better. Better it was, all the winter কেবিন fever piles of wanna-be's and celebrity stories, were...
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posted by lovingflame
It had been a full week,since Sharp had moved in. Since then Ahsoka had had to fight him on a number of issues from going to her classes to down to the mess অথবা training grounds. She smiled to herself as she'd begun to think of Sharp as an irritating younger brother.He'd gotten his way on everything,even going to class. Sharp was at the moment down at the mess getting a bite to eat. He'd enlisted his brother's in their squad Set-Off and K.P. to bring down খাবার when they got done with kp. They'd gotten in trouble when they had taken some covert cams and placed them into the ceilings of some commanders....
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posted by lovingflame
Sharp had come দ্বারা after he'd talked to Commander Flash, taking up the bunk across from hers. Now she felt like a child, couldn't have a sniffle without somebody making a big huff about it. She rolled her eyes as he stowed away his gear. Rolling to the দেওয়াল she fell asleep. In the folds of her dream Ahsoka felt herself standing on a wooden porch over looking a river. Walking out onto the floating bridge she turned and took in the surroundings. The sun coming through the
leaves gave off a greenish lite. Cabins rose high into those trees and had strong ropes dangling from their porches along with...
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posted by lovingflame
"So cousin what's on the docket today?" Reaya said,as she sat across from Padame at breakfast. Padame nearly choking on the টোস্ট in her mouth, brought up her travel viewer. "Hmm....King Olan wants permission to take the retiree and the আরো injured cases to his প্রথমপাতা planet. Says that men of such caliber need what he can supply, আরো peaceful surroundings." Reaya had picked up the selector for the haloviewer and was flipping through the channel."Well that's nice of him,but nothing আরো exciting." Padame looked through the তালিকা আরো throughly, when Reaya said."What's my father's picture doing...
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posted by lovingflame
Anakin checked on both women as they slept uneasy. Even with the force he couldn't stop Padame's cousin from the heavy guilt rampaging through her system. He'd প্রদত্ত up and called the Chancellor."I need to know who's behind this and I need to know soon." Chancellor Palpatine's face was a mask of concern."Yes, I know Anakin but these things take time.The investigation could take months আপনি can't spare away from the battle." Anakin rocked back and forth on his heels."Yes I know that,but a couple of days. At least Padame and Reaya will want to arrive in time for the funerals." Palpatine nodded...
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posted by lovingflame
Lord Sideous image squawked "Have আপনি found the rest of that splinter group?"
"No my lord there has been no trace since their disapearance. Perhaps Master Yoda could be of some assistance in this matter." Count Dooku suggested. "Yes, I will offer to bring the হারিয়ে গেছে মেষ back into the fold." Sideous smiled. "The mercenary scum have arrived at your request." Coughed an irritated General Grievous.Sideous' smile broadened greatly,"Oh, yes. Please have them dropped off near Mayor Remis' home,they have a small problem to take care of for me."
"As আপনি wish, my lord." Grievous bowed to the image.Clicking off, the Chancellor leaned back into his chair. One problem taken care of. Couldn't have men such as the mayor Remis causing upheavel about the new laws."Ah, Anakin come to give me the latest reports."
posted by lovingflame
"Sir!Commander Flash!" Sharp knocked on the Commander's apartment door . Sharp needed to tell someone what he'd learned."What? What's wrong cadet?" Commander Flash opened the door, wipping his eyes he peered at the cadet.
Oh, great another one, he thought."I need to talk to you, its about Ahsoka. Sir." Flash shook his head, as he turned his dekar around to allow the cadet to enter. Closing the door he refocused on the intruder."You're not falling for her, are you? Because if আপনি are, আপনি can just go take a cold shower. Like I've told most of Snake squad. Of course its natural.We don't see to...
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posted by lovingflame
if you're just tunning in to my stories go back to the beginning Ahsoka loses her leg. প্রবন্ধ type is under other. I'm new, not tech savey.
"Geinosis has been taken and the কুইন is dead.The planet is হারিয়ে গেছে to us for good."Spat an angery Darth Sideous. If he hadn't needed them he'd of dispatched both his unworthy minions. Continuing he ranted,"We must put a stop to this inventive child অথবা risk losing the war." Count Dooku straightened as he reported."Our Force mines did reduce the Jedi number, which they can sorely afford to lose." Darth Sideous nodded, as his enraged image seemed to calm."What...
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