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A starlet who dated a host of famous Hollywood hunks has written an explosive kiss-and-tell about her experience, and she is talking only to

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Peggy Trentini was a model and actress in the 1990's, starring in চলচ্চিত্র such as Up the Creek and B-movies like The Assault and Carnal Desires.

She also appeared on numerous TV shows including Baywatch and Married With Children. She was in a 1992 প্লেবয় pictorial and modeled for the অন্তর্বাস label Frederick's of Hollywood.

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She dated a host of famous Hollywood hunks...
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hen he started playing SHAPE OF MY হৃদয় (one of my all-time faves) the guy had me eating from the palm of his hand. I cried then, as I would many আরো times during the concert.
What an experience, to see a 50-year old Sting, his vocal chords intact, in better shape than ever, accompanied দ্বারা an amazing backup vocalist and a genius conductor leading a superb Phil. The arrangements were পরবর্তি to perfection, the song choices, made in heaven, the slim moon was shining over Hollywood, and one could ask for nothing more.

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