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Moonstorm100 posted on Dec 14, 2009 at 10:09PM
Leader: Stormstar{Moonstorm100}-gray tabby she-cat with black stripes and unusual green eyes

Deputy: (undecided)

Third in comand: (undecided)

Medicane cat: Cherrystorm[-foxfang-]-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dark amber eyes)
(Apprentice: Brezzepaw (tanglescar)- Grey tom with blue eyes)

with blue eyes
Falconcatcher{brightclaw}-Dark brown tom with dark amber eyes
Nightfright{lovejr08}-black she-cat with pale blue eyes
Hawkbelly{johnwayne}-silver-blue tom with icy blue eyes and long claws
Hawktail{salamence42}-amber tom with ocean blue eyes
Birchjumper{Tanglebelly}-Dark brown tom with blue eyes
Leafbreeze{Fawnstep}-calico she-cat with Amber eyes
Silversnow{pongo4747} silver tabby she-cat
Redfang{Blackfeather8}-Orange firey pelt with forest green eyes
Brindlesnap{Pennypatch321}-light gray she-cat
Briarcloud(SoyalaLesiue)-small fluffy brown she-cat
Molefur{ferretandsil}-Dark brown tom cat
(Apprentice: Lightningpaw)
Skyfurry{ferretandsilt}Gray tomcat
Oddclaw{brightclaw}-flame color fur tom with green-yellow eyes
(Apprentice: Gorsepaw)
Crowwhisker{DuskCrow100}-black tom cat with amber eyes
Finchfang{Bluefre7777}-Light gray tom
Rabbitflight{RokioLeisu}-big gray and white tom with large ears and blue eyes
(Apprentice: Frostpaw)
Gerbilfoot{AkioLeisu}-very small (nearly kit sized) calico tom with large whiskers, ears, feet, and a long tail, amber eyes
(Apprentice: Skypaw)
Smashface{AdriaLeisu}-white she-cat with broad shoulders and head, green eyes.
Fiercefrost{DuskCrow100}-Dark brown tabby tom cat with peirceing blue eyes, some cats say they can see stars shinning in his eyes
Soulclaw{Poppyleaf10}-White she-cat with blue eyes
Fleecefang{Bluefire7777}-light brown she-cat with golden eyes and a long tail
(Apprentice: Hazelpaw)
Mudsting[Edwin3]-dark brown tom with stark green eyes
(Apprentice: Oakpaw)
Nighthoot{cariea1}-Black she-cat with ice blue eyes(cant hear or speak)
Spruceshine[Edwin3](tortoiseshell she-cat with tabby splotches and white accents and dark olive green eyes)
Weaselscuffle{TalaLeisue}-light brown tom with white paches and amber eyes
Dampthorn{guillaume19}-black tom wth gray sploches and a light sploch round his right eye and has really lght blue eyes
(Apprentice: Horsepaw)
Sagewhisper{Flowergirl}-white with 1 gray patch over her right eye and has lite lite blue eyes
(Apprentice: Beepaw)
Orangepelt{carea1}-orange tom with honey gold eyes
Bumblehive{Tanglebelly}-Darkbrown tom with darker stripes and blue eyes
Vinetwist{Tanglebelly}-Dark brown tom with black tiger stripes and bright blue eyes
Tangleblaze{Tanglebelly}-black tom with orange stripes and saphire blue eyes
(Apprentice: Sharppaw
Larchrobin (Tuktu)- light brown she-cat with amber eyes
Primpansy (Primlily17) -creamy she-cat with lovely blue eyes
Jaybird (Primlily17)-long haired grey tom with stark grey eyes
Blizzardsnow (Foxfang)- black tom with white speacks and orange eyes
Petalfur(splendidgirl13)- small golden she-cat with dark gay eyes
Raindropplet -silver tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Beechtail (loveanddummer)- brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
Fawnfeather (loveanddummer)- light brown she-cat with icy blue eyes.
Dawnsky(rustyfireheart)- Light gray she-cat with darker tipped fur and
blue eyes.
Rosethorn(rustyfireheart)- Light black she-cat with reddish- purple eyes.
Dovemoon (Dovemoon)- a silver gray she-cat with pale blue eyes.
Scarletrose (darkangel)-beautiful red she wit bright green eyes
Voleburrow-(-Foxfang-) a white tom with brown blotches and has fiery blue eyes
Skyflight (TalaLeasiu)- a black she-kit with white blotches with blue eyes as well
(Apprentace: Reedpaw)
Lightbeam (PeetaPower)- white creamy she-cat with yellow eyes
Bluefury (Primlily17) white she-cat with blue grey stripes and blue eyes
sparrowfeather{gagababe}- golden brown she-cat with amber eyes

Drypaw(twentethre)- dark brown tom with amber eyes
Streampaw(lizardgirl)- silver she-cat with black and white splotches and amber eyes
Thrushpaw(ferretandsilt)- brown tom with bright green eyes
Cloudpaw(-Foxfang)-an albino she-cat with scarlet eyes and a fluffy white pelt. Oddly different then her parents.
Crouchpaw{ThunderCat}-gray speckled she-cat with black mask
Sloepaw- black tom with white chest and forepaws
Fernpaw(Edwin3)- orange she-cat with green eyes
Threshpaw{Razorfang55555}-bright colored badger pelt
Wrenpaw(splendidgal13)- bright red she-cat with blue eyes

Queens: Hawktalon: Apoted kit: Windkit(jbinthehouse)-silver she-kit with green eyes
Flowerscent's Kits: archkit(twentethre)- brown tabby tom with amber eyes: rubykit(pennypatch321)- black and gray she-cat with ice blue eyes: riverkit(std-allstate)- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes:coalkit- black and gray tom with ice blue eyes.
Hollypool(Mate: Smokefurry) Kits: Pointykit(gagababe10)- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes: Cedarkit(gagababe101)- dark gray tom with amber eyes.
Primpansy's Kits: Sreamkit (tanglebelly)- brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes: Tawnykit (Tuktu)- dark tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes: Vixenkit (primlily17)- brown creamy she-cat with amber eyes and a fluffy tail
Crystaldapple Adopted Kit: Snowkit -fluffy white tom with ice blue eyes
Pepperfire's Kits: Minnowkit -a silver she-kit with slightly darker speckles over her pelt, has amber eyes. Twin of Brush: Brushkit(-Foxfang) - a darker silver tom who has black specks on his pelt, and dark brown eyes. Twin of Minnow

Elders: (none)

As the clan gets bigger i will add more members but this forum will always include the present number of members! All clan members accounted for!
Leader:  Stormstar-gray tabby she-cat with black stripes and unusual green eyes

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