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posted by Kitannaheart12
zack-plays the গিটার in his room*Waking up without you

It doesn't feel right,

To sleep with only memories ...

It's harder every night

Sometimes...blah *forgets the line*

Tonight I'm reaching out to the stars...

*door opens*

keith-forget the line?

zack-sighs- ever heard of knocking?

keith-awww my lil bro is practicing for the talent show!

zack- this is very imnportant to me...


zack: >//<....>

keith: your voice is so soft XD *referring he has a girl voice*

zack: just because আপনি can sing doesnt mean আপনি have to rub it in!

keith:hey calm down আপনি sounded good,you might even be like...
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posted by GirlzRule312
The book is VERY intresting, always giving away hints to all sorts of things. আপনি can't stop পাঠ করা it and it always makes the clues change what আপনি think will happen, well has happened. Raven is trying to find her dad who has been missing, so she's determend to find out what has happend to him. আপনি don't actually find out what happens to him in the first book, so if you' re going to read it make sure আপনি always have the পরবর্তি book to the series other wise it'll keep sticking in your head, making আপনি wonder and wonder.
I found the book intresting and mysterious and kept to the point instead...
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posted by Purplehippo223
Once, long পূর্বে there lived a small girl and her brother. Her brother always went to the market to sell the baskets she weaved. One day, though, he did not come back. Fearing something horribal had happened to her brother, she went off into the woods to find him. Just when she turned around to go home, she heard her brother's voice coming from just ahead. It sounded pleading. She ran towards the sound as fast as her young legs could carry her. But just as It grabbed her, she realized she had made a mistake. This thing was certainly not her brother, it was somthing much worse. Watch out for the rest of the story cause thats when the scary stuff REALLY comes! Hope আপনি liked this little taste of what i like to write!

posted by ambers1999
CH1 A Dream
I wake up on a shiny sliver টেবিল that I can bearly see my reflection in. Two men are beside me smiling down, I get up off the টেবিল one of the men try to grab my arm but I shake him off."Give off me" I ব্যক্ত shaking. I started to run but as I turn the corner I drop on my butt and put my hand over my mouth. With my boyfriend right in fornt of me."Get in there আপনি stupid mutt" one of the fat guys snared."Jason I'm scared whats happening"? Suddenly I pop my eyes open and almost fall out the bed, but I catch myself."It's just a dream Sandy, just a dream" I told my self in sigh of reilf....
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posted by ambers1999
Ring, ring. “Hello”? ”Hannah I need আপনি to come to my lab today”! “Doc”? but I thought”
…” I know, I’ve been working on something and I need your help”. “OK nice to talk to আপনি again…bye”. In excitement I jumped out of my chair and put my best clothes on. Wondering what Doc was up to? I haven’t seen him in over a year, now that it’s the summer I finally have something to do. I raced down to Doc’s lab. The door creaked as I opened then I knew I was at the right place! “Hello” I ব্যক্ত softly, “anyone here”? “Ah here আপনি are I haven’t seen আপনি in awhile...
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