Super Smash Bros. Brawl If Brawl Had 4-In-One Characters...

heatherXnoah posted on Nov 22, 2008 at 06:50PM
it would be these:Masks Link and Baby Yoshi

Masks Link from LoZ:majora's mask

Young Link:
B=ice arrows(if charged completely it freezes opponents)
B(side)=longshot(if it connects to an opponent,you'll get pulled toward him and end the move with an sword slash)
B(down)=transform into deku link
B(up)=spin attack

Deku Link:
B=Bubble(people get trapples like yoshi's egg)
B(side)=deku seed
B(down)=transform into zora link
B(up)=flower jump(like in the game)

Zora Link:
B=water bomb
B(side)=fin boomerangs
B(down)=transform into goron link
B(up)=swim(becomes sorrounded by water while he swims upwards, no damage)

Goron Link:
B=charged roll attack
B(side)=sumo toss
B(down)=transform into young link
B(up)=rolls upwards(can roll up walls if it connects)

Final Smash:Fierce Dienty Link
Young Link transforms into a more powerfull version of himself like Wario transforms into Wario-Man)

Baby Yoshi from yoshi's island ds

Yoshi and baby mario:
B=baby toss(baby mario is sorrounded by a bubble,yoshi trows him and the baby bounces back into yoshis back)
B(side)=cape(just like mario)
B(down)=stork stop(the stork takes mario and brings baby peach)
B(up)=cape bounce(uses cape like an parachute)

Yoshi and Baby Peach:
B=tourch(yoshi spits fire)
B(side)=parasol block(she puts parasol in front of them and it reflect items)
B(down)=stork stop(the stork takes peach and brings baby wario)
B(up)=parasol(just like peach)

Yoshi and baby wario:
B=magnet unattraction(makes people and items not attracted to wario so it makes proyectiles miss and people get pushed back by wario's gravity)
B(side)=magnet block(a huge block appears, it follows yoshi and baby wario)
B(down)=stork stop(the stork takes wario and brings baby dk)
B(up)=magnet platform(a platform appears in yoshi's feet that takes you upwards)

Yoshi and Baby Donkey Kong:
B=watermelon seeds(yoshi spits seeds)
B(side)=DK dash attack(like in the game)
B(down)=stok stop(the stork takes dk and brings baby mario)
B(up)=vine(they swing on a vine, is also a theter recovery)

Final Smash:Egg Parade
(4 yoshis appear with the babies on their backs, you control one and the others follow, and your only attack is giant eggs, you trow 4 eggs at once until time runs out)
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