Zoey walked into a bakery and put down a pile of flyers on the desk.
“Do আপনি know this man?” a customer read. It was a teenage girl. She looked up. “No, I do not. Is he a convict? অথবা is he missing?”
“He’s not missing” Zoey said. “He lives in my house. And as far as being a convict, let’s say it’s still undecided”
“Who is he?” the girl asked. She picked up a flyer. “Mind if I take one of these?”
Zoey shook her head. “Maybe আপনি could help”
“Sure, anything আপনি want” the girl ব্যক্ত and she and Zoey left the bakery.
“Thanks” Zoey said.
“You haven’t answered my প্রশ্ন yet” the girl said. “Who is he?”
Zoey sighed deeply. “He goes দ্বারা Emmanuel, but that’s not his real name. He doesn’t remember who he is, where he comes from. It’s like his mind’s gone blank and most of the time I really think there’s nothing in there”
The girl laughed.
“Hey, আপনি should come আরো often. Alexia misses you” Zoey said.
“Yeah, kind of busy with school, but I’ll try drop in পরবর্তি week” the girl said.
“Sweet” Zoey said. “Okay, dear, I have to get going. Say hi to your parents”
“Sure thing” the girl waved as they separated ways.