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posted by Ingvild

Surferosa is a Norwegian band, with five members:
Mariann Thomassen is the lead singer
Andreas Orheim is playing the synthesizer
Henrik Gustavsen is playing drums
Sigurd Løvik is playing the bass
Kjetil Wevling is playing guitar

Surferosa took a big break with their playing september 09, but all Surferosa-fans hope that they will start playing again SOON!

But even if Surferosa isn't playing, Mariann is! did write that Mariann Thomassen will sing on পরবর্তি year's norwegian mgp!

If আপনি want আরো info, আপনি can check out , that is Surferosa's fansite ! ;)
added by Ingvild
Surferosa's সঙ্গীত video to the song "The Future" on their third album : The beat on the রাস্তা
the beat on the রাস্তা
the future