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Girls' Generation subunit TaeTiSeo অথবা TTS for short recently released a winter mini-album with the banner "Dear Santa" on December 4th of this year.

Immediately upon release, "Dear Santa" topped on both domestic and international charts including iTunes where the album sang at the first place in nine countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Macau, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

It also reached the শীর্ষ 10 in albums chart in many other countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Hungary, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. The album topped charts in ইউরোপ and even climbed up...
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The three members of Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo impressed netizens with their beautiful legs.

The photos, recently পোষ্ট হয়েছে to a message board, were taken during a ছবি shoot for United রঙ of Benetton‘s animal rights campaign, ‘Be My Best Friend‘.

TaeTiSeo members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun can be seen in short gym shorts and silly hats, while member Taeyeon holds a small puppy. অনুরাগী noticed that even though the girls were not wearing heels, their legs still looked as perfect as ever.

Netizens responded, “[Their legs look amazing] even without heels,” and “They look like that even when wearing flats?”
Girls’ Generation – TTS Releases ‘Dear Santa’ সঙ্গীত চলচ্ছবি and Album

Girls’ Generation – TTS has just released the “Dear Santa” album and two সঙ্গীত চলচ্ছবি for the “Dear Santa” track. English and Korean versions of the সঙ্গীত video were released simultaneously to coincide with the album release on Korean সঙ্গীত portals such as MelOn and Bugs!. The album is also available through iTunes.

The physical album may be ordered through online retailers such as synnara via Gmarket, YesAsia, and Kpoptown.

Girls’ Generation – TTS will appear on tonight’s “Music Bank” on KBS, MBC’s “Show! সঙ্গীত Core” on Saturday, and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on Sunday to sing “Dear Santa”.
Girls’ Generation – TTS to Release Winter Mini-Album, ‘Dear Santa’

Girls’ Generation – TTS, made up of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, is set to release a new mini-album for this winter season. The mini-album will be made up of six songs, with “Dear Santa” as the শিরোনাম track. Seohyun participated in লেখা the lyrics for “Dear Santa”, which will have both a Korean and an English version.
The “Dear Santa” mini-album will be released on December 4th at midnight KST. Image teasers are currently being released through Girls’ Generation – TTS’s official website.

Sources: Newsen, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
TaeTiSeo - Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany - are ready to bring great সঙ্গীত for their অনুরাগী once again before the বছর ends, reported Korean media news outlets on Monday, Nov. 16.
TaeTiSeo made their debut back in 2012, with album Twinkle. "Twinkle" was also the শিরোনাম track for their debut song. Their পূর্ববর্তি promotion was in September 2014, with release of সেকেন্ড EP Holler.
On Nov. 1, a সঙ্গীত insider told Korean media outlets that TaeTiSeo will release their album in the first week of December and initiate promotions on সঙ্গীত shows that same week.
TaeTiSeo's third EP is expected to take on a concept that goes well with the winter season.
While the members currently prepare for their comeback, Taeyeon recently made her solo debut with single titled "I" and also held her solo সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান A Very Special দিন For Taeyeon from Oct. 23 through 25 and Oct. 30 to Nov. 1.
Member Tiffany Hwang is also expected to make her solo debut this মাস after Taeyeon.
It's gonna be a snowy কেপপ Christmas, as Girls Generation's vocal sub-unit comes back with a winter song.

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are dropping a new track on the first week of December, according to Nov. 2 reports, writes AllKpop.

Girls Generation has been very active in সঙ্গীত this year. The শীর্ষ girl group released "Catch Me If আপনি Can" in জাপান early this year, before releasing "Party," "Lion Heart" and "You Think" in Korea. Taeyeon also debuted solo with "I" last মাস and is still actively promoting.

So far, all songs charted high, sold well and won awards. That means we have high expectations for TaTiSeo.

The December comeback will be the unit's third album, following "Twinkle" and "Holler."