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Justin Bieber in his new hit singel; One Time! watch it now!
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Justin Bieber
Taylor vs. Justin!Who will win? Well আপনি can find out when আপনি enter and leave a মতামত saying who's hotter Taylor Lautner অথবা Justin Bieber!? So Hurry up!Don't waste time! Enter!Leave a মতামত now!This will contest will end Wednesday Febuary 20th,2010.If আপনি like Taylor Lautner. Great!If আপনি like Justin Bieber.Even Greater!! Justin is a good guy! He Loves Singing! Just like me!! He likes playing the Guitar! Like Me! I guess we have alot in comment!!


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Taylor Lautner
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I Justin Bieber, When I have spare time this is what i like to do! Hope আপনি Like IT!
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