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posted by PuppyLover16
i was in প্রণয় with bella but she married edward my হৃদয় ripped apart.i still remember the দিন i took her to the island and kissed her,for a moment it was good but then she punched me and broke her arm.edward was so mad it looke like he wanted to kill me but he didint.then i saw when she got pregnant and i knew that edward had done this i was so mad.i couldent controll myself .but then edward told me his plan that he didint want the baby either.when i saw renesmee i imagined her with me i became a part of her but then the নেকড়ে pack came and if they killed her they killed a part of me.it was like if i could see the future of me and her.
Ramona and Beezus’ Joey King recently পোষ্ট হয়েছে ছবি on her ফেসবুক of a super fun bowling party she had with a few special guests. Who was at the party? None other than her costar Selena Gomez and her friend Taylor Lautner! Look at these adorable ছবি of Taylor and Joey battling it out in the bowling lanes.
Taylor was also in Canada filming while Selena and Joey were, too! It looks like they all had so much fun hanging out. Selena and Taylor look like they were getting a little cozy at the party–could there still be feelings there for each other? We’re not sure, but we do know that they’re still great friends! Remember to check out Ramona and Beezus when it hits theaters July 23.
posted by numbuh1sis
hi every1,u may not hv known this but at the age of 11 taylor lautner played in a movie as sharkboy(one of the heroes) and ends up গান গাওয়া ! the song goes:
"Close your eyes,shut your mouth,dream a dream and get us out,dream dream dream dream dream dream,hit the hay,fast asleep,dream a dream আপনি little bleep,dream dream dream dream dream dream(lavagirl says something)just relax,lay about,or my fist will put আপনি out!dream dream dream dream dream dream,keep your time everywhere,there is darkness in the air!dream dream dream dream dream dream,(lavagirl again)dont just stare,step right up,glass of water,here's a cup!dream dream dream dream dream dream,(lavagirl)" he sang it really good and if u type in dream taylor lautner it will come up as him গান গাওয়া it in the film!
posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 8: Difficulties.
Renesmee looked over to see Emma hand in hand with Seth. He was smiling brightly at her as she leaned into his side. The last guest dwindled out and Alice shut the door, bouncing up and down. Renesmee leaned into Jacob, exhausted. She put her hand on his cheek.
“Me too Ness. I’m tired just like আপনি but I don’t think there through with আপনি yet” he murmured. Renesmee stretched up on her toes and wrapped her arms around him. He kissed her quietly for a moment, the heat of his lips penetrating her skin.
“Will আপনি two cut it out?” Her dad snapped irritably from...
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posted by Mrs_twiLautner
 Brand new eyes
Brand new eyes
Part 1 of Nessie's Story.

Growing up is something that I’m use to, it’s funny how people are scared of getting old. I don’t get scared I’m happy of who I am, age is just a number not something that defines who we are. Having to not go to school for 7 years in your life is kind of crazy. I’m supposed to be seven but I’m not. I’m stuck in a fifteen বছর old body and my mind is like a seventeen বছর old. I started my freshman বছর in forks high school; Carlisle ব্যক্ত I would stop aging in my 8th বছর of life অথবা less. I was happy; I wanted to be able to communicate with other people....
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This person is the Craziest, funniest, nicest, most caring, amazing and beautiful person i know (even though I haven't seen her in person অথবা picture :P)

Well the thing with this প্রবন্ধ is that she had birthday yeasterday. U probably wonder who I'm talkin abt.. Her name is পুডিংবিশেষ - link
and she is the most amazing person in the whole world like I ব্যক্ত before :P
I wish her everything good in the world bcuz she is special to me and if u think so 2, wish her the same :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN<3

Some things that she is known for is the disease she came up with which every Taylor অনুরাগী has অথবা maybe...
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posted by mystery21pc
"I started off in a spree, আপনি broke my leg !
I got sad and I wanted to flee.
But still i stood up with a broken leg
And আপনি were mocking me holding a Peg.
I kept silent thought আপনি would be human for a while ,
But the only thing আপনি wanted to do , was to steal my smile.
Yet i smiled and carried on with my life ,
Because i dont Hold Grudges , I dont like Strife.
Yes God , আপনি can do whatever আপনি want , আপনি can make me miserable , আপনি can also Haunt .
But I wont Give up as আপনি teached me how to Taunt.."

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 11, 1992. He is the son of Deborah, a software company worker, Daniel, an airline pilot, and brother of Makena Lautner. Growing up, he was raised in Hudsonville, Michigan and attended Jamestown Elementary School up until fifth grade. Lautner also attended Fabiano's Karate School, located in Holland, Michigan, at the age of six. He has earned a black belt, and very talented in Martial Arts. He was so talented he was featured on America's Most Talented Kids and presented his Martial Arts skills.
Hope আপনি enjoyed this edition! Stay tuned for #2 soon!

Special Thanks to...
posted by floydieface
Truth Be Told

Jacob has allowed me to draw his blood on the সৈকত before driving me home. We ব্যক্ত nothing to each other on the way. When we pulled up to the house I was my dad waiting for me on the porch. As I got out of the car, Jacob took off letting the car door hang open as he pulled away. I climbed the steps slowly trying to keep my cool and empty my head, but it was already too late. My father knew what I was hiding.
“Nessie, I know what আপনি have been up to. I guess I can’t blame your…curiosity.”
“So that’s why আপনি allowed me to go to Boston U. That’s why আপনি allowed...
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Alex Pettyfer beat out Taylor Lautner for coveted stripper role to play a young Channing Tatum! Read how he did it!

Beastly hottie Alex Pettyfer beat out Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner to play a young Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, a film about his stripper beginnings before hitting the big time. According to sources, the actors were battling for the role for some time. So, how did “bad boy” Alex beat out “golden boy” Taylor?
According to E! Online, both Alex and Taylor really wanted the role.

Filmmakers in the Steven Soderbergh movie were reluctant to hire Alex due to rumors of...
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For those who প্রণয় him, it's আরো screen time. And for those who hate him, it's a chance to see the hunky teen get pulled limb from limb.
The New Moon তারকা has landed yet another muscles-required role, this time that of action hero Stretch Armstrong in an upcoming Universal film based on the Hasbro toy.
Which, দ্বারা the way, will be shot with that snazzy new 3-D technology.
"In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real তারকা at the global box office," says Universal Pictures cochair Donna Langley. "He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power. We couldn't be আরো pleased that he has agreed to be our Stretch."
Expect Stretch Armstrong to spring into theaters in 2012.
posted by mhs1025
আপনি were playing a song দ্বারা one of your পছন্দ সঙ্গীত acts, and your boyfriend, Taylor, happened to be in the same room as you. He listened to আপনি sing and strum your গিটার as he relaxed in a recliner after a long দিন of filming. আপনি didn't notice him until after আপনি got done, though. As আপনি put your গিটার up, আপনি heard something strange. আপনি looked and looked around. Then, আপনি saw Taylor, passed out and snoring. He had fallen asleep to the sound of your voice.

আপনি never thought আপনি had a good voice. আপনি never thought আপনি had a bad voice either. আপনি thought আপনি sounded OK. Taylor LOVED hearing আপনি sing, however. আপনি couldn't take your eyes off of how adorable he looked. His mouth was nearly a quarter open, which only made him look that much cuter. আপনি eventually got a blanket and covered him up with it. আপনি planted a light চুম্বন on his head before walking out so আপনি could let him sleep.
posted by thepurplelover

I was pacing in the warm sand of Wylow beach, my stomach lurched over and over as I paced. The green palm fronds of a palm বৃক্ষ were shading me as I paced, the sand oozing in the cracks of my wedges. He's coming. I thought as I gently yanked off the silky petal of the blue ঘণ্টাকর্ণ I was holding.

He's coming not.

He's coming.

He's coming not.

He's coming....

Lurching once more, I glanced down at the last petal on the flower. He's coming...not. Sadly, I pulled off the last petal and watched as it slowly fluttered down to the ground on the back of the wind. Sighing, I checked my phone. I...
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"We may consider that It's almost Impossible to get what we are asking from God Since Long.. But Its NOT always Impossible.. আপনি got to Believe it, আপনি Never know that আপনি can Actually get what আপনি desire.."

It was a Typical Sunday Morning for Me.. though It was the Valentine's দিন for all Others. I was still in my বিছানা as always as I was working late last night.. My Alarm rang so Loud & I stretched in My Bed. I knew I got to Endure this দিন because we may say all the Time that We're Happy for our বন্ধু & everyone that they are so Truly in Love, But somewhere Deep inside ourself, We'll...
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posted by nessienjake
CHAPTER 4 Awarness of the situation
i blinked hard to the voice i heard it was a voice i would recognize it from everybody ...that voice was special.
i turned my head trying to look if i could see ...him
but i couldnt see anything all i could hear were some footsteps.
i turned my back he was 3cm far from me,he put his hands on my face and whispered in a lower voice
-"it looks like i প্রণয় you..." then he smiled
i was left in coma my cheeks were now burning and all i could do was look in taylor's eyes just wishing we could stay like this an eternity.
a moment later he closed his eyes and...
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posted by Mrs_twiLautner
Taylor Daniel Lautner was born February 11 1992 in Grand Rapids Michigan to parents Deborah and Daniel Lautner.

Taylor has a younger sister Makena.

At the age of six, Taylor began studying martial arts at Fabiano’s Karate School and he, along with his family, quickly noticed his unique and natural talent for the sport. He was soon invited to train with seven-time world karate champion Michael Chaturantabut (aka Mike Chat) and, at the age of eight, he was asked to represent his country in the twelve years and under division in the World Karate Association where he became the Junior World Forms...
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posted by floydieface
Continued from chapter "one আরো nail, one আরো coffin"

“Nessie don’t. Don’t আপনি dare regret that kiss! I don’t. I never will.”
“But my dad took me away from you”
“I don’t care about that. Your চুম্বন was the best experience of my life! “
“Ness…I’m in প্রণয় with আপনি too. I always have been since the দিন আপনি were born. I been waiting for আপনি my whole life. “
“How what? How could I be in প্রণয় with আপনি from birth?”
“Well that’s kind of a long story actually.”
“I want to know.”
This was the one thing I figured I would never need...
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posted by floydieface
“Children of the Moon”


I was never really a superstitious person. I had a normal upbringing. I’d seen my share of horror films when I was a kid. But, never imagined in my wildest dreams any of the Hollywood fiction was real. I never bought into any of Billy Black’s stories about the Quileute legends down in La Push. Not until the time Jacob had shown me he could changed into a gigantic নেকড়ে right in front of my eyes. That image was ingrained in my memory forever. Bella had tried for a little while to keep her secret about being a vampire. That didn’t...
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posted by MrsJonasLautner
Dark Light
Book 1 of 3 (so far)
70 pages
*Thanks to Katie, Jackie, Mom, Dad, and Sam for letting me use their middle names! And the Twilight Saga Series for being my inspiration. I প্রণয় আপনি Joe, Nick and Kevin!*
-Maddie Dowden (MrsJonasLautner)
Chapter 1 ( this is written দ্বারা me too!)
" Wisdom is not getting good grades. Wisdom is knowing who আপনি are."- Maddie Dowden

    "Let's play hide and go seek!"Joe said.
    "'Kay. . . Why not? I've got nothing better to do...." I ব্যক্ত as I মোপেড out the back door of our house.
    "Go on, but don't go...
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posted by mystery21pc
Relationships : Love, Friendship & Dreams..

"Life isn't all about what we want.. Its about what we get at the end.. what we deserve..!! "

James, My so-called Brother-in-Law yelled at Me, "PC, cum'on, its 03.50 p.m, আপনি gotta wake up..!!

I could barely open my eyes.. Sun was out @ the window.. staring at me so wild.. I cud'nt help.. But I knew I got to wake up অথবা else I would end up here sleeping whole day.. I tried to watch the sky.. the Birds still গান গাওয়া at my Door.. I felt something টক ripping my throat to Burn off with the fire.. I looked around to see what was that.. He was Smoking.....
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