Hello Taylor Swift.
Okay, since I had done a lot of movie reviews and a few travelling guides. Here are a তালিকা of some of my favourite songs from Taylor সত্বর herself as well as the details of the songs too and in যেভাবে খুশী order too.

1) Back to December

Although a very sad song, I প্রণয় this song and first heard it on the radio in Malaysia. This song is mostly about relationship and many had speculate that this song is about her relationship with Taylor Lautner, however I partially don't think so.

2) প্রণয় Story

I first heard this song and saw the সঙ্গীত video back in 2009, the video reminds of Romeo and Juliet in which they were mention in the lyrics, especially the former. Although their parents did not appear in the সঙ্গীত video due to time constraint and they had a happily ever after in it!

3) Shake it Off

This is actually the first time that Taylor has a huge transition from country to pop, this song is a great disco moment that I could not get it out of my head! This is why I definitely প্রণয় her 1989 album.

4) Mine

I heard this wonderful song during my holidays in Barcelona, Spain. Another song that could not get it out of my head! But on the other hand, the song is like telling a story from Taylor's perspective to her boyfriend and the lyrics is also very interesting to look up.

5) I Knew আপনি Were Trouble

This song should definitely be a great choice if it was perform in a musical featuring all of Taylor Swift's songs, what they did to ABBA in Mamma Mia! If it was real life, I would definitely sing this to either my boyfriend অথবা friend.

6) Everything has Changed

I was very happy that she sang this song with Ed Sheeran, another singer I grew a liking on. I would play this for my অথবা for a friend's wedding if I had the chance to be a deejay!

7) Begin Again

This song focuses on forgiveness, I would imagine Taylor সত্বর is telling her boyfriend that they need to start their relationship once again from the very beginning.

8) Bad Blood

It reminds me of my friendship, especially when don't agree on certain things. But at the end of the day, we forgive each other because past is past.


So there আপনি have it, this are all of the 8 songs that I প্রণয় from Taylor Swift, talented, isn't she?
Great shot of her!