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Nicoledemers:*drinking coke+*gosse to the vathroom*
trent:*poors *hot sousand টিকটিকি urin in her col*
gwen:hahahahahaaha were comeing for you
nicole: who ব্যক্ত that
trent:*dorws a stop sighn at nicole demers head*
nicole:OW! THAT HRUT!!
trent:*plays scary music*
nicole:be quwite!
trent:make me
nicole:who ব্যক্ত that
nicole: is this house haunted
a nosie:...
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This is not mine. THis is a video i found on youtube. It describes that Trent and Gwen need a miracle that miracle is that they get together. In our Hearts that miracle still lives
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Trent's pov!
i slowly open my eyes to find a world i shouldn't live in...*looks at the ring* Gwen...its been a week since she left me....and a week since i have ate অথবা spoken. i only leave my room to use the bathroom অথবা take a shower,other than that..i`m silent as a shadow whispering through the wind. i have been crying allot lately..i have been listening to sad music...i have been....cutting my self with the sharpest ছুরি in the house...i know its wrong,but it feels so right. (never think killing yourself is right. NEVER) my parents try to talk to me,but i lock the door so no one gets in..i...
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Gwen's pov!
I tossed and turned on the leaf like bed. i kept having cravings of খাবার and i cant get it out of my head. smoke filled the air. i opened my eyes and saw that Trent is gone. "Trent? Trent where are you!"i started to cry. "i`m right here babe."he climbed up the tree. "i thought আপনি and the packs already left."i continued to cry slightly. "no,we're still here."he hugged me. "what's that smell?"i asked. "Maria decided to make breakfast."he said. "what is it?"my mouth began to water. "eggs and bacon."he put his শার্ট back on. i don't know অথবা how she got the food,but i`m starving. we...
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trent duncan r u sure u can take care of me and gwen's apartment will were on r honeymoon
duncan no prob me and courtney well trust us
trent okj but on friday thier well be someone that comes up and u need 2 give him r fine we aredy filled it out all u have 2 give it 2 him and it is on the island AT TXGS APARTMENT
trent ok were leaving
courtney নমস্কার were r u going 4 your honeymoo
duncan ok
in txg's apartment
courtney so how long do we need 2 stay again
gwen just 1 week no আরো than 2 weeks ok
courtney thats fine
THE পরবর্তি দিন
duncan rise n shin duncan we need to get 2 trent and gwen's apartment...
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Trents pov
tonight im going to the চলচ্চিত্র with my বন্ধু duncan,dj,and geoff with there girlfriends gwen,katie and bridgette and as u can see

I'm single so anyways we go in to see twilight eclipese

we try to find seats because its crowded
we found some in the middle of the theather duncan was trying to sit পরবর্তি to gwen so they can sneak out and well u know can have s--(he hates twilight)

but when he sat পরবর্তি to her she moved because she knew what he was gonna do so she eits পরবর্তি to me

so it was passed 15 মিনিট and i never madeout with a girl so i wanted to do it gwen then holded on to my hand...
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