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posted by Julesthehedghog
(at Team Victory's house while Jules is sleeping)

Jules: *sleeping in the living room while sleeping on the couch* -.-

Lucas: *wakes up* ugh my head..... *gets up and goes in living room*

Jules: *sleeping*

Lucas: *looks at Jules* hey.....cook pancakes!

Renee: *wakes up and walks to the living room* what are আপনি doing Lucas???

Lucas: nothing *grabs a stick and pokes Jules ear* hehehehe! ^^

Renee: *slaps Lucas and grabs the stick* DONT DO THAT!!!!! *smashes the stick on Lucas head*

Lucas: OW!!!!!!

Jules: *wakes up* ………… 0_0

Renee and Lucas: what??

Jules: nothing...

(3:24 P.M. right now)

To be continue...
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