Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.
Terra Strong voice actor/actress who played Raven ব্যক্ত that the company will bring back Teen Titans Original for a season 6. But a catch is people have to support Teen Titans Go Movie. Meaning it has to do well in the Movie theaters. অথবা no original Teen Titans season 6 will not happen. Terra Strong ব্যক্ত that is what the company told her. So support Teen Titans Go to the চলচ্চিত্র in the Movie theater. I don't see why people wanna hate on Teen Titans Go. I was at Bookman's store before looking at the comics. And they had Teen Titans শিশুরা comics. When they were babies. And comics called Titans when they became adults. With NightWing. So all Teen Titans Go is when the original Teen Titans Teenagers were younger. Should not hate on that at all people. Teen Titans Go is just a when the Titans were younger. And goofy acting. So no need to hate on Teen Titans Go. Check out the link where i found my proof at. ----> https://nerdist.com/teen-titans-animated-series-might-return-but-theres-a-catch/
Teen Titans original returns cause of Teen Titans Go Movie.
Terra Strong Raven's Voice actor/actress explains how Teen Titans Go returned original Teen Titans.