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 Cory Blevins
Cory Blevins
The backbone of any টেলিভিশন প্রদর্শনী is the “character” actor. These are the men and women who আপনি might not remember দ্বারা name, but আপনি recognize their face. And, when they do their job right – they elevate the প্রদর্শনী to another level.

One such actor who has burst onto টেলিভিশন screens everywhere is Cory Blevins. He recently appeared as FBI Special Agent Buchholz in EPIX original comedy series, “Get Shorty,” chasing down রশ্মি Romano and Chris O’Dowd. Also the fall, Cory also joined the cast for one of the final episodes of the beloved Netflix show, “Longmire,” and one of the first episodes of the new CBS cop drama, “S.W.A.T.”

আরো of a comedy fan? Then, আপনি might recognize Cory from his role as Eddie’s girlfriend’s dad, Gary Olsen, on ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat”; অথবা as the Network Lawyer fighting with George Lopez on TV Land’s, “Lopez.”

Cory also recurred on the “The People vs OJ,” and made guest appearances on “Ray Donovan,” “Dexter,” “Law & Order,” “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “N.C.I.S.,” “House M.D.,” “Justified” and more.

I had a chance to catch up with Cory Blevins -- a “character” actor who seems to be everywhere.

How was it working on the new “Get Shorty”?

CORY: Working with talent like রশ্মি Romano and Adam Arkin, who serves as executive producer and directed several episodes of the show, আপনি never know where আপনি are going creatively. It’s an exciting ride! For me, Adam is অভিনয় royalty. দ্বারা far the best experience I’ve ever had as an actor.

Be honest, what was it like investigating রশ্মি Romano and Chris O’Dowd every day?

CORY: The majority of my scenes are with রশ্মি Romano and as আপনি can imagine, he is an amazing actor to work with. So much of it comes off the cuff and feels so organic. I think it comes from his years on set. He really makes the work fun and almost effortless.

You’re also in the final season of “Longmire,” what can আপনি share about that experience?

CORY: Funnily enough, working on “Longmire” meant returning to Albuquerque, New Mexico - which is the same place “Get Shorty” was filmed. The great thing about “Longmire” is how tight the cast and crew is. This is their final season and they definitely have it down to a science.

And, আপনি have a role in the new “S.W.A.T.,” right?

CORY: Yes! It aired on December 7th on CBS. The প্রদর্শনী is big budget, high action and shot completely on location in Los Angeles. I play a wealthy victim who tries to cover the crime that was committed against him. So far people are really enjoying the প্রদর্শনী and I’m looking অগ্রবর্তী to seeing how people receive my episode.

You’ve been jumping around shows lately, does that make your head spin অথবা is it fun?

CORY: That’s kind of my thing! I’m a character actor who seems to bounce from প্রদর্শনী to প্রদর্শনী and I প্রণয় that! It’s the reason I chose this as a profession. It allows me to work on many different types of shows and dig into many different kinds of characters.    

If আপনি could choose -- comedy, drama অথবা something else?

CORY: There is no way I could choose between them! There is nothing আরো exciting than going from the goofy dad on ABC’s "Fresh Off The Boat" to Marcia Clarks divorce attorney in "The People Vs. OJ Simpson." I think if I had to pick just one, I’d find myself constantly looking for new ways to stretch myself creatively.

And, now just for fun:
Who’s your পছন্দ actor/actress?

CORY: I miss Philip Seymour Hoffman. Talk about a talent! There wasn’t anything that guy did that didn’t shine.

What role from the past do আপনি wish আপনি could have played?

CORY: Any of the guys on “Oceans 11”! It looked like they were having a blast!

Favorite movie অথবা TV প্রদর্শনী from your childhood.

CORY: Growing up in the 80’s I was a big sci-fi fan. Anything from “Quantum Leap” to the first three “Star Wars” films and I was hooked!

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

CORY: I’m from just outside of Detroit and attended the same high school as Madonna. She graduated a bit before me, but it’s one of those trivia things people like to hear.

How can অনুরাগী keep up with you?

CORY: I প্রণয় hearing from people on Facebook, Instagram @iamcoryblevins link অথবা Twitter @iamcoryblevins link অথবা my website coryblevins.com link
 Get Shorty - on-set
Get Shorty - on-set
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 Wendy Braun
Wendy Braun
Some টেলিভিশন shows depict “normal” life, while others are out to redefine what that word even means.

Enter the Netflix series “Atypical”.

The recently released Season Two takes a strong approach to showcasing just how normal a person living with autism can be. From creator Robia Rashid, this family dramedy follows a teenager (Keir Gilchrist) on the autism spectrum longing for প্রণয় and independence.

It’s been called “the best প্রদর্শনী Netflix has ever made” (Forbes.com) and actress WENDY BRAUN, who portrays Kathy, has been named “a standout among the recurring cast” (TV.com)....
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 Keith Burke
Keith Burke
It’s getting hot in here -- and do আপনি know why? It’s because Tyler Perry’s original hot and steamy drama ‘The Haves and The Have Nots’ for OWN is back.

That’s right! All the sizzle and romance has returned for the সেকেন্ড half of Season Five, including the newest character Derrick David – played দ্বারা actor Keith Burke.

In case আপনি weren’t paying attention, here’s a quick recap on Derrick:

Introduced early this season, Derrick David (Keith Burke) enters the storyline to fix-up আরো than just the house Hanna Young (Crystal R. Fox) currently lives in. Both are trying to get back...
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 Elena Campbell-Martinez
Elena Campbell-Martinez
The new original Starz drama “Vida” has been gaining momentum since launching on May 6th. Created দ্বারা Tanya Saracho, the buzz for the series mainly emphasizes its Latinx focused, female-driven, queer storyline. But, it would be a shame if the solid supporting cast were to go unmentioned as part of the reason for its success.

One such member of this stellar group is actress Elena Campbell-Martinez, who shines as the neighborhood’s motherly figure and spiritual healer ‘Doña Lupe’.

Think Elena looks familiar? Well, she should considering this talented actress appeared in Clint Eastwood’s...
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 Cameron Meyer
Cameron Meyer
It’s hard to believe that বড়দিন was a মাস ago. All the decorations are now packed up tightly, half the toys received are broken, the daily grind is back in full দোল and all those original বড়দিন TV চলচ্চিত্র are long gone – অথবা are they?

I have a feeling there’s one movie among all the new holiday tales that is still being saved on DVR’s everywhere (including mine). Of course, I’m referring to Melissa Joan Hart’s বড়দিন rom-com, “A VERY MERRY TOY STORE.”

Originally airing in December on Lifetime, Melissa stars with Mario Lopez as rival toy ভান্দার owners who reluctantly...
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I প্রণয় TV shows, চলচ্চিত্র just can't compare. That being said, I haven't watched many TV shows, I'm picky and most don't appeal. (No vampires, romance shows for instance, just don't like them, most জনপ্রিয় shows fit in those categories, but নমস্কার this is my তালিকা and my opinions, not anyone else's) Currently these are my পছন্দ shows starting with the greatest প্রদর্শনী out there:

1. 24

(9 seasons and TV movie, 2001-2010, 2014)

24 is the best প্রদর্শনী of all time! It's easily #1, none can come even close for me ever! Agent Jack Bauer works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) dealing with (terrorists) assassination...
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 Natalie Kim
Natalie Kim
With all the political chaos happening this year, the CBS drama "MADAM SECRETARY" has done a good job of creating political escapism. No matter how intense the storylines get – at least আপনি know they’re fiction.

In the সাম্প্রতিক episode, titled “Persona Non Grata,” Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) plans a summit at Kyrgyzstan to address their human trafficking problem – even though their President denies the problem.

This episode brought back a few things from last season: the human trafficking issue, the President of Kyrgyzstan and his trusty Translator, played দ্বারা actress NATALIE KIM.

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There are quite a lot of awesome tv shows in production in 2017, so lots of great shows can slip through the cracks. Here are 5 under-watched shows that I thought I'd promote as damn fine viewing!

5. Fortitude

It is a little hard to describe what Fortitude is about without spoiling it, but basically it follows the weird and violent events that occur in an arctic town called Fortitude. It can get pretty gruesome, creepy and weird in this isolated little town. The plot and the characters are intriguing, and there is some beautiful cinematography capturing icy arctic landscapes.

The cast is...
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 Melanie Haynes
Melanie Haynes
Nobody likes a know-it-all, but sometimes you’re glad to have one around. Enter Adam Conover and his hilarious investigative series link on TruTV.

In the সাম্প্রতিক episode “Adam Ruins Weight Loss,” actress link joins in the debunking activities as a Southern Chef going head-to-head with fat-free foods. Spoiler alert – they’re not so good for you.

What is good is Melanie. We discovered that she can also be seen in a couple of indie films streaming online, including the coming-of-age drama A COUNTRY CALLED HOME, and the touching drama HEARTLAND.

A proven character actress, Melanie has been...
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I প্রণয় the প্রদর্শনী of 24 and I decided to rank the my পছন্দ characters, this time minus spoilers for those who may have not seen the প্রদর্শনী অথবা may have not seen all of it. Here goes with the first (and obvious) পছন্দ character:

Jack Bauer –

Where in the world do আপনি start with Jack Bauer? First of all he is the best TV character of all time, barring no one. He suffers tragic loss and extreme pain and torture (as well as inflicting some himself) takes out the bad guys and saves the world from horrific terror attacks, all in 24 hours, time after time! He is very loyal, shows no mercy and looks...
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a জনপ্রিয় animated প্রদর্শনী that stars 6 female ponies.


Twilight Sparkle is a student of Princess Celestia who moves to Ponyville to finally get some friends. She becomes best বন্ধু with 5 female ponies: Applejack, রামধনু Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. The 6 of them learn important lessons along with Spike (Twilight's helper), the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Starlight Glimmer, and Discord.

A প্রদর্শনী about ponies learning lessons seemed like a repetitive and boring plot, but this প্রদর্শনী is oddly very special. Although the lessons may not be very interesting...
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I just finished পাঠ করা a তালিকা of the "greatest" এলজিবিটি গোষ্ঠী characters ever on TV. I was not impressed. So I decided that instead of wasting time bitching about their lame list, I'd just make my own. Weird, huh? ;D

This was originally going to be a তালিকা of 10. Then I kept thinking of more. I finally managed to cut myself off at 25. There are a lot of great এলজিবিটি গোষ্ঠী characters out there, okay? Anyway, these shouldn't contain any প্রদর্শনী spoilers, so here ya go:

 Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler
Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler

#1 - Tara Chambler (The Walking Dead)
Tara Chambler is an actual রশ্মি of sunshine sent দ্বারা the TV gods to make...
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