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(eating lunch)
Izzy-so heather have আপনি seen anybody from the show

Heather don't remind me about that প্রদর্শনী if I see another one
Of those people on that stupid প্রদর্শনী I will kill them

Izzy-ok well I'm going out with owen

Heather-do আপনি mean that fate guy

Izzy-yeah and দ্বারা the way call me escope

Heather-whatever why are আপনি eating a burger

Izzy-yeah why not

Heather-your a model আপনি have to be slim like me

Izzy-hello I am


Izzy-oh yeah and I saw courtney and dumcan on tv

Heather-why are they on tv

Izzy-they where on judge judy courtney was duncan lawyer

Heather-oh what have i got myself into

Will heather ever live here dream find out পরবর্তি time
On heather im HOLLYWOOD part 3
posted by james55
Heather- it's time for hollywood....... No আপনি what are আপনি doing I..Iz....izz.....izzy..........
Izzy-wow it's time for Hollywood any heather what are আপনি doing

Heather-im here to be a well known model

Izzy-same here


Izzy-wow isn't that great

Heather-how did আপনি become a model your all ugly

Izzy-They wouldn't let me so made them



Heather-never mind

Will heather become a big time model and can she handel izzy
All those প্রশ্ন and আরো will be answerd on part two of heather goes to Hollywood
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