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Will Grimm: I made that armour! It's not magic; it's just shiny.

Jacob Grimm: It's this way, Will!
Will Grimm: No, no, it's not, it's not. It's that way! Grandmother Toad told me!
Jacob Grimm: What?
Will Grimm: [dead serious] Trust the toad!

Jacob Grimm: [about the Mirror Queen] She's still there, Will! She's still alive! Sh-she's up in the tower.
Will Grimm: What, for five hundred years?
Jacob Grimm: Yeah, but they haven't been kind, I can tell আপনি that, Will!

Hidlick: How comes he gets to do the monsters, I end up playin' the girlie ghosts?
Will Grimm: Because you, my friend, have talent. You've...
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