this is who my ফ্যানপপ family consists of!

Spunkyonyx (Me, Jammi) alex's girlfriend

TeamSongz4eva (Bee) My big sister

Cherry9090 (Cherry) My other big sister/lantages girlfriend

Tayloraddict-1 (Jordan) My other big sister

Selenagomezfan7 (Chelsea) My other big sister

Berwin (Berwin) My Other big sister

World9 (Al) my big brother

Takuya (big bro) my other big brother

Giggleslugo (Carlos) my other big bro

Lantage1 (Lantage) Cherry's boyfriend/ everyone elses big bro

Rantora13 (Alex) my boyfriend/ everyone elses bro

Peterslover (Susan) the auntie!

Jakemulliken (Jake) the daddy!

if ud like to যোগদান our family! contact me and যোগদান our club