Today i finished cleaning out my closet. As i was cleaning i found old notes,diarys,journals,calenders,and other things from my childhood. I though.."why havent i thrown this stuff away".i was keeping silly things. I looked back at the little girl i was. All my friends.What happened to them? Why did we all stop talking. Maybe because we all grew up. Then i notice that,i couldnt hardly find anything from 2010-present. Nothing written in calenders,no notes from friends,no diarys,journals,etc. Why? Where is it?. Well in 2009 i started doing something i ব্যক্ত id never do. Go and chat online with people from all over the world that i didn't know. But what really surprised me was how close i became with them. So where are those notes,those journals,etc,you ask? Online. On a website. I হারিয়ে গেছে contact with people i can see,feel ,hear everyday. Do i blame those online friends?NO. Do i blame myself? Yes. I also fell in প্রণয় with someone online. Why? i dont just.....happened. Do i regret it?sometimes. But if i really wanted a bf i could go just stand on the রাস্তা and find one,not hide behind a computer screen.I never liked the thought of online dating. Too dangerous,and আপনি never know who's on the other side of the screen. The person i was with,considering all the sites,girls/guys he "talked to",and his interest,i would never marry. It would end up like Anthony Weiner and his wife's marriage,if আপনি follow. My friend,who is 26,has been dating guys she found online for years. She's met this guy.Cute?YES.JOB? YES. CAR?YES? OWN HOUSE?YES. And shes already in love.So what the problem আপনি ask? They've never met. He's gonna drive down here in 2 days. I'm nervous for her. But should i be upset. No.Because ive made the same stupid mistake,but never gotten to us meeting. Being alone now feels different. Not having my internet friends....worse. I work two jobs,and volunteer at a library. But i প্রণয় to go outside and smell that fresh air and look at nature,while i look back over the years in my life. Seeing every person i met, the mistakes i made,the feelings ive hurt. If i had one wish,it would to see all those people again,to reconnect,to say"i miss you" অথবা "im sorry". But for now i প্রদর্শনী my expression through art. I প্রণয় everyone who has hurt me,and been hurt দ্বারা me.I প্রণয় the people i hate,and people who hate me. But its time to forgive and forget. Lifes to short,its time to party.I প্রণয় in my 8TH grade memory book someone wrote "Trust No Nigga Fear no bitch" I have no idea who did,but theyve must of know it was needed. If someone ask me if i recommended meeting someone online as friends,id say hell yeah(as long as their not secretly crazy,lol)... dating,*sighs*idk.too risky. আপনি may not be their only lover,lol. Sad knowing people do it. But i know that there is someone who isnt a crazy, liar, cheating,gaming freak,lol,sorry. I just gotta wait for prince charming অথবা Edward,lol....AND NOT ONLINE!And thats what happens when আপনি clean your closet,lol