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 The Virgin Suicides (Movie)
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the virgin suicides
kristen dunst
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প্রণয় প্রণয় প্রণয় this, meant something to me for a long while, now just brings up memories
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pop rock
nobodys প্রথমপাতা
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Have আপনি ever had an uninvited guest
Why did আপনি wear sweatpants
The দিন she wore that dress
You put a book on it
Your woody wouldn't quit
Think of disgusting things
and don't encourage it
And then it starts to ache
zippers about to break
Your using every trick to try to tame your ট্রাউজার snake
Listen and listen good
Don' t cover up your wood
A woody never should
Ever have to be Caged অথবা blocked
Unlock your jock
Just let it pop Like a jack in the box
Show em that your willy works
A stiffy shouldn't have to hurt
Make em scream oh my god
As আপনি shock em with your lightning rod
Baby let your mojo rise
It doesn't...
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Okay, so found my old, old notebook when cleaning out my closet today. This is probably one of the first things I ever wrote that had to do with Josh & Hayley around like Octoberish of 2009.
I didn't even remember I had it, so I just thought I'd post here. :)

Song; link
Hayley's hair; link


September 29th. Joshua Neil Farro's 17th birthday. Excitement was thick in the air at home, and even at school. He was a shy-type guy, and he assumed he was almost invisible to most of his classmates. Usually he felt comfotable walking through the halls, seemingly noexistent to the others at Franklin...
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I still প্রণয় HSM movies, lol. Don't judge me xD
হাইস্কুল মিউজিক্যাল
i cant take my eyes off of আপনি
when ever i hear this song i think....homecomming,lol god hes sexy
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trey songz
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