The Good Wife The Good Wife and Philosophy

Rob_Arp posted on Jun 11, 2012 at 09:50PM
Call for Abstracts

The Good Wife and Philosophy
Edited by Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray and Robert Arp

(1) Submit abstracts of no more than 300 words to:
(2) Abstracts due: June 15, 2012
(3) Notification of accepted abstracts: July 1, 2012
(4) First drafts due: September 15, 2012 (flexible)
(5) 10 to 12-paged papers are written in a conversational style for a lay audience (this definitely ain’t no JPhil, Mind, or Nous publication)

Any relevant topic considered, but here are some possibilities:

- Feminism, Alicia the good wife, and Alicia the litigator
- The good wife, the good husband, sexuality, gender, and societal roles
- Peter, cheating, sexual addiction, and the male psyche
- Alicia, accepting cheating, loyalty, and the female psyche
- Sexual justice and politics in the law
- The use of logical fallacies to influence or manipulate beliefs in the courtroom
- Memory, testimony, and other forms of evidence
- What is legal vs. what is moral
- Crime scenes and the relationship between deduction, induction, and abduction
- History and rationale for a jury
- Law and game theory in The Good Wife
- Authenticity and identity in The Good Wife
- History and rationale for swearing on a Bible
- The nature and types of law
- The nature and types of justice
- Right to privacy and violations of that right in The Good Wife
- The elements of an action (motive, execution, etc.) and corresponding punishment
- Pro and con arguments for capital punishment
- Persons, rights, and privileges
- Diane and the gun control issue
- Character formation, virtue ethics, and characters in The Good Wife
- Types of love and/or friendship in The Good Wife
- An analysis of the nature of murder vs. other forms of killing
- Deontological rights-based vs. utilitarian common-good-based themes in The Good Wife
- The moral perspectives of the various characters in The Good Wife
- “Heart” and care for the uninsured
- “Infamy,” psychological coercion, and responsibility
- “Unplugged” and advance directives
- “Great Firewall,” types of government, and censorship
- “Bitcoin for Dummies” and the morality of client-attorney confidentiality

The Good Wife and Philosophy will be a book in Open Court Publishing Company’s Popular Culture and Philosophy Series: link. Submit ideas for possible future PCP books to the series editor, George A. Reisch, at Thanks for your consideration.

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