The Good Wife Character Elimination Game!

Eline_K posted on Mar 28, 2010 at 11:05PM
Hey guys!

I saw this game in some other spot, and I toughed that maybe it would be fun to try it with the characters of ‘The Good Wife’! It’s pretty simple. Here's the explanation of the game:


1. All characters start with 15 points.

2. Anyone can cast a vote adding (+) and subtracting (-) from any character. So you give a point and you take a point everytime you play.

3. You vote for 2 characters at a time, one + and one -

4. When any character's total reaches 0, he/she is eliminated. When you make a character reach 0 points, you can come up with a story as to why they're no longer in the game, like they got killed, end up in jail or get disbarred or something.. Use your imagination!

5. After you voted, please put the characters in the right order (high to low), this keeps the game clear!

Here’s the list of characters, just copy paste and edit!

Alicia Florrick 15
Peter Florrick 15
Grace Florrick 15
Zach Florrick 15
Jackie Florrick 15
Will Gardner 15
Diane Lockhart 15
Cary Agos 15
Kalinda Sharma 15
Glenn Childs 15
Daniel Golden 15
Eli Gold 15

Have fun!
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