Chapter One

Percy had thought about it all night and had finally decided. He was going to call him it seemed that it was the only possible way to get him and his other seven বন্ধু out of this mess. Reyna was nocked out on the ground of the Roman camp. Percy sighed he'd told Annabeth about his friend he had met when he had gone to kill that baby alligator about a বছর and a half ago. He was certain that this was a situation that they couldn't get out of. At dawn the পরবর্তি morning Octavian was have Jason and Reyna die and offer them as a sacrifice to the Earth goddess. For the seven millionth time he cursed himself for being so unable to help. How could he? He was supposed to be the bravest, and he didn't want to call for help! He knew how to do this on his own. But Annabeth had agreed to the friend idea, and he knew he was being selfish দ্বারা wanting all the glory for defeating Gaea himself.
So he finally decided to call his name,
Carter Kane