Woah, he thought as soon as he landed Festus, that is one hotty. he jumped off and ব্যক্ত ''Hey baby,your as hot as fire.'' That was the point he got slapped দ্বারা two hots which for him, was a first,and also painful. The first girl was the new hottie, the সেকেন্ড was Calypso,''Stop that Valdez অথবা I'll go back to Ogygia.'' '' Ok Ok Lolly Lady!'' Calypso frowned ''Since when was I called Lolly Lady?''Leo grinned,''Hey Owl Face!'' '' আপনি do not call me Owl Face, muttered Annabeth. If আপনি do that one আরো time I will slap আপনি back to the Golden Age.'' '' Ok Owl Face!'' He grinned, see আপনি guys later, im gonna talk to
Chiron about starting to grow Fonzies.'' Piper looked confused '' Leo, can আপনি even grow Fonzies?''
''We'll have to wait and see Beauty Queen.''