He had known ever since she turned up that Olympia Shadowforth was not a demigod. He could feel it in his blood,demigods had a faint aura, but hers was stronger than even the most powerful demigod.He had to find out how she got here without being a demigod.So naturally he headed over to see her, when he was interrupted দ্বারা a flaming Leo Valdez, who apparently wanted to know if আপনি could grow Fonzies, Leo sighed when he heard the answer '' Aww man, I like Fonzies.'' When he got to the camp sick room, he found Olympia sitting up, and playing, was that cards? with Percy. '' May I interrupt?'' Percy shrugged, ''Sure.'' He took Olympia দ্বারা the arm and ব্যক্ত gently '' আপনি are not a demigod.'' He was surprised when she answered '' I know.'' He had thought she wouldn't know at all, but he said, can আপনি explain your parentage then? She smiled '' Of course'' '' Ok so, The gods found out the পরবর্তি child with Olympian blood would be আরো powerful than any other, so they began to fight for it to be their child, eventually Hestia ব্যক্ত they should all donate a little of their power and give the child a mortal mother to make it fair, this was the best idea yet so they all agreed to it, so I was born not a demigod but almost a goddess, but with a mortal mother, I have all the powers of the gods and I'm আরো powerful than a normal demigod, but I can die just as easily ,but when I die,my fate is that I become a goddess of speed and fighting, as those are my strengths, and I guess that is my story.'' Percy had been listening and ব্যক্ত '' Wow, just wow'' Olympia growled and ব্যক্ত '' Shut up Seaweed Brain.''