Olympia: Daughter of Olympus

Olympia was mad, but not as mad as when they ran out of bubblegum ice cream on California সৈকত Resort. that made her really mad. But now she was mad for another reason. That reason was because Piper had put permanent make up on her face because Jason tried to flirt with her.now she was gonna pay. she had looked like Elsa from ফ্রোজেন for a month.But she was getting her revenge.Finding Jason -not-a-Grace she ব্যক্ত ''Goodbye.'' and stabbed him.She closed her eyes. Piper would go mad when she found out who did it.But she wouldnt. She turned the sword into paper and crumpled it. Then she ran into the Aphrodite কেবিন and screamed to Piper'' I came looking for Jason and, and, HE IS DEAD IN THE PAVILION.'' Piper screamed '' WHAT আপনি {Insert swear here}!!!!'' then she screamed and ran to the pavilion in hope of finding she was lying.Olympia jogged after her.'' He's dead আপনি know,I did it myself.'' '' আপনি DID WHAT আপনি {swear here}!!'' She snarled'' Pay back girly, অথবা is your little pinky brain too little to care about FEELINGS?'' '' Piper began to cry '' Jason... No.'' '' Oh, and if আপনি dont mind, I dont want আপনি snitching. So ...'' she shut Pipers mouth and smiled'' Shut it'' Piper tried to open her mouth and gasped ( well, as well as she could with a superglue mouth) she coulnt open it. ''Now, Bye'' she flicked her long, black hair and ব্যক্ত ''come with me'' then she threw her into the lake. Sorted! she thought to herself.now I better go, but not before deal with Chase. she walked up the Athena কেবিন and said'' Im not going to kill আপনি Chase. Im going to burn your cabin.''Grabbing a match from her bag, she lit a flame on one of the beds and ran off smiling. she ran to Annabeth and said'' THE ATHENA কেবিন IS ON FIRE'' Annabeth screamed '' WHAT???'' she grabbed Percy, and ran to her cabin.Olympia collapsed she thought sadly what have i done??? but she couldnt think about that now. She had to sleep.