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Opinion by meredog posted বছরখানেক আগে
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I am so board again!!!!!!!

Wise girl has logged on
Lighting girl has logged on
Pretty lady has logged on
আগুন master has logged on
Wind king has logged on
Hades girl has logged on
Death boy has logged on
Shape changer has logged on

Wise girl: I cant believe Percy isn't on

Pretty lady: where is he anyway

Death boy: I haven't seen him sense the camp আগুন an ঘন্টা ago

আগুন master: I did a good job on that fire!!!!

Wind king: I don't no where he is

Hades girl: I like coming to Camp Half-blood

Shape changer: yes its fun here

Wind king: yes it is

Lighting girl: I think I found Percy..... হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ look out ur window

*everyone looks out the কেবিন window*

Wise girl: হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ is he chasing a butterfly????

আগুন master: he seems to be hyper

Hades girl: Leo, I cant believe ur not out there to- and I spoke to soon
Opinion by meredog posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Just so u know Percy is high on coke......

Seaweed Brain has logged on

Seaweed Brain: OMG NO ONE IS ON!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! wait.......

Wise girl has logged on

Wise girl: Percy, y did u say Yay when no one was on???

Seaweed Brain: heelllloooooo my pretty little Annabeth!!!

Wise girl: *blushes*

Seaweed Brain: Awwww!!!!! SHAKE MY BUTT!!!!!!

Wise girl: Ummmm what????

Seaweed Brain: I just got down shaking my butt out the window!!!!!!!

Sea God has logged on

Sea God: Percy, sometimes I am embarrassed to call u my son....

Seaweed Brain: I প্রণয় U TO DADDY!!!!!!

Wise girl: I find this quit amusing

Lighting lord has logged on

Lighting lord: He sounds like your son Poseidon

Sea God: I don't even know how to reply

Seaweed Brain: I প্রণয় MONKEYS!!!!!!
Fan fiction by Kat-chan posted বছরখানেক আগে
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নমস্কার PJO FANS!!!! So, it’s that special time of the year, আপনি all know what I mean. What আপনি don’t? Well then I’ll tell you. It’s all of our favourite author’s B-day!!! ...Or at least it was when I started লেখা this...HAPPY BILATED BIRTHDAY RICK!!! So in his honour, I decided to post a fanfic after so many years. That’s why I’m currently sitting in front of computer in a CH-B T-shirt, jeans and sneakers drinking blue সরবৎ (Go খাবার colouring ^.^). This story (hopefully only this chapter) is co-authored with my friend skinneyjeans112. Please read her stories! Anyways, ENJOY!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I unfortunately own nothing...

Ever’s POV
    I should have seen it coming. I had always known that I was a strange child. I did everything differently from everyone else. For starters, no matter how much I smiled sweetly, I always hated everyone. Also I had the strangest প্রণয় of baseball bats even though I had never even seen a baseball game. And of course there was the fact that my mother always rushes me দ্বারা saying, ‘Hurry up, অথবা the big, bad monster’ll get ya!’ and I always take it seriously, even now, at thirteen...
Fan fiction by laurenroxs3 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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This is my first time লেখা something like this, and i hope আপনি enjoy it.

All rights go to Rick Riordan for creating the characters

The two characters I created are:
Trixie- daughter of Jupiter, twin to Jason
Thalassa- daughter of Poseidon, 14

Chapter One-
Trixie was hanging out with her বন্ধু Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, and Thalassa at Camp Half-Blood when she came up with the idea. She ব্যক্ত to the group "Hey guys, i've got a good idea. Tonight after the campfire, we should play Spin the Bottle with some boys."
Annabeth looked at her "Are আপনি sure? I don't know."
Trixie replied "Yeah, i mean, come on. We should have a little fun tonight."
"Oh, all right." Annabeth said.
They went around and asked people if they wanted to play. The final people playng were Trixie, Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, Percy, Leo, Reyna, Nico, Jason, Thalssa, Frank, and Grover.
(That way there's an even number of girls and guys.)
Fan fiction by Heritage112 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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this is Dana just imagine her with a grey streak Ok

All the characters ( except my characters) belong to RR

Chappie 1 (this is short)

I was walking along the beach, thinking about Percy, Gods! I was missing him so much, I looked at the last thing me and Percy did together. We wrote our names in the sand, like this:
4 Eva
He rushed the water over the লেখা and made a 'water barrier' so it was there forever, it was like cement. Seriously, I tried to kick it 8 months ago, because I was angry Percy just disappeared like he did.
My thoughts were interrupted দ্বারা a girl, around 15 years old, bleeding at the hip, stagger up to me "Help me, please" she croaked, the she collapsed.
I tried to catch her but she fell to fast, the girl’s body glowed green and a holographic trident glowed above her body. I heard myself take a sharp intake of breath this is Percy’s half-sister. I suddenly felt very giddy inside.
Fan fiction by Spikegilfer1997 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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2- Blood brothers (Dramatic titles ftw)
I woke with a start, bashing my head on the ceiling causing a shudder to go throughout the কেবিন waking up my fellow Nemesis kids. All of them woke up groaning throughout the darkly themed cabin. Bleary eyed and stretching they all focused on me.
"What gives Prez?!" ব্যক্ত Milo Descendant of Hermes with spiky blond hair, brown eyes and a mischievous smile.
"Sorry about that." I grimaced. "And stop calling me Prez!"
"Whatever আপনি say, Prez!" says the entire cabin. I smile and let off a small laugh, allowing myself a short escape from the seriousness off the situation. I get dressed quick and prepare a travel-pack while everyone goes to breakfast. I had on a thin জ্যাকেট a কমলা camp Half-Blood শার্ট and jeans. Some এনচ্যান্টেড parkour sneakers and I turn to leave.
Milo stands at the door with a curious look on his face.
"Going somewhere?" He starts.
"Go eat some bacon." I ব্যক্ত starting for the door
He put his arm in front of the door. "Going somewhere?" He reiterated.
Fan fiction by Spikegilfer1997 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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1-Blinded দ্বারা fate
They returned, of course they returned. Not a sleep had gone unchecked, my mind is jarred within the dark confines of a "all too real" dream.
I swiveled and swirled clutching my head, shades surrounded me with ghostly whispers. My anger made my aura burst, with a furious roar a light expelled itself from the deepest part of my soul. The dream settled, I stood hunched over clutching my head still. The darkness swirled like a mist, several of them আরো stable then I had seen before stood as proud figures staring at me scrutinizing every part of my existence. I stared around looking at all of these figures that lived in the recesses of my mind.
"I want answers." I ব্যক্ত straightening up with as much conviction as anything that lives could muster.
They all laughed.
I exploded.
Blind rage set over me as I roar my very being glowing with power staggering the onlookers.
They all stopped laughing.
"Well then?" I asked. Several of the figures faded into the darkness, two stepped forward. One a women with a stern glare in her eye, calculating features and long black hair. She wore a black Greek পোশাক emblazoned with emblems most...
Fan fiction by bella372436541 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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OK so if আপনি dont know me im sydney.
this is for your half blood
i need to know your age
and anything else
Name: Celeste
Age: 12
parent: posidon/athena
talents: water control, smartness, talking to horses
loves the sea
so that was an example so get out there and make some magic, kill some monsters, (medusa, hydra, gorgons, cyclopes, exc.) and make আপনি charater
Fan fiction by Blaze_of_Ares posted বছরখানেক আগে
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"Hey wait!" I ব্যক্ত but they still pull me away from my dinner. When I came, no one will stand for me. After I saved the camp everyone wants me. The guys then pulled me to a table. I look back at them to see some girls push them away. The one on the left had long brown hair while the one on the right had black hair.

"Heeey Percy" the girl left said. The two girls sat পরবর্তি to me leaning onto me.
"So..." the brown haired girl continue talking "...how about আপনি and me go out sometimes?" she ran her fingers tips up my chest. I felt awkward. If Annabeth were here, I don't think I wanna know what she'll do to them...
"No!" the black haired sweep her friend's hand away
"He will go with me!" they glared at each other.
"Jess! আপনি took my crush away from me!!" the brunette snapped
"But he cheated on me with আপনি Maddie!!" then,

Jess took a pie and throw it past me towards Maddie. They begin a খাবার fight at their table. I quickly get out of there and headed for my dinner. Just a hand reach away some guys took me away. They made me sit in front of a girl with কমলা hair and a very stern look on her face, probably an amazon.
Fan fiction by Velox posted বছরখানেক আগে
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This story was meant to be based around the amazing story Rick Riordan has প্রদত্ত to us. I typed this up attempting to make it seem as if it was written with the style that made Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the নায়ক of Olympus what it was. This is all fan-fiction, but I take no credit for the story/characters created দ্বারা Rick Riordan, but only the character I've created.
Thank you, and I hope আপনি enjoy.

I Turn সারমেয় Into Dust

    My morning was probably the same morning just about any regular kid from Virginia would have... too bad it would be the last time I'd be able to cherish such a crappy, normal 7:00AM. I jolted upright as the old, blue and silver alarm clock I kept on my bedside টেবিল began to beep. I groaned, slamming my fist down on the clock to shut it up as if I were the main character of some movie অথবা book. Since I'm the kind of guy that always has bad luck, I naturally completely missed the alarm clock and ended up whacking the corner of the table. Yeah, I was...
Fan fiction by Blaze_of_Ares posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Chapter 1
The Quest
Blaze Phoenix

Another son of the big three I say to myself as Jason arced lightning. Rachel shutting her eyes and swooning, I quickly went to catch her along with Jake.
"Child of lightning, beware the earth,
The giants’ revenge the seven shall birth,
The forge and ঘুঘু shall break the cage,
And death unleash through Hera’s rage” The worlds echoed out of Rachel’s mouth. We let her go and sat back, watching the drama going on.
“Dude, this is boring, I’m going to get some sleep, see আপনি tomorrow” I ব্যক্ত to Jake as I walk away to my cabin. I lied on my বিছানা and fall asleep.

I woke up and took a shower. I put on what I usually wear; a camp half-blood T-shirt and black jeans. I put on my grey জ্যাকেট with a black skull in the middle and went to eat breakfast. I created a small আগুন at the আগুন pit, being gifted দ্বারা Hephaestus sure is awesome. I offer some খাবার to my dad
“Please dad, make something interesting happen for me, and দ্বারা interesting I do not mean an harpy stealing my jeans” I finished up the last of my meal and walked to the beach. As I was...
Opinion by Spottedtail139 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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" Cool!" Nico said.

" No!" Biancas voice quavered " This is not cool!"

Nico dance aroundlike he really needed to use the rest room "

Does Zeus really have lightning bolts that do six hunderd

damage? Does he get exart movment points for-"

" Nico, shut up!"Bianca put her hands over her face " This is not

your stupid Mythomagic game, okay? There are no gods!"

As anxious as I felt about being here with a god and a girl who

tried to smake Percy - I couldnt help feel sorry for the di Angelo

kids. I was not to happy about finding out that I missed a

mythology ক্যুইজ but the Im a demigod thing and that well my dad

wasn't really my dad.

Thaila must have felt the same thing because the anger in her

eyes was subdued a little bit. " Bianca, I know it's hard to

believe. But the gods are still around. Trust me. They're
News by fusshi123 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Annabeth and I were relaxing on the great lawn in Central park when she ambushed me with a question.

"You forgot, didn't you?"

I went into red alert mode. It's easy to panic when you're a new boyfriend. Sure, I'd fought monsters with Annabeth for years. Together we'd face the wrath of the gods. We'd battled Titans and calmly faced death a dozen times. But now that we were dating, one frown from her and I freaked. What had I done wrong?

I mentally reviewed the picnic list: Comfy Blankets? Check. Annabeth's favourite পিজা with extra olives? Check. চকোলেট toffee from La Maison du Chocolat? Check.Weapons in case of a sudden greek mythological apocalypse?

So what had I forgotten?

I was tempted (briefly) to bluff my way through. Two things stopped me. First, I didn't want to lie to Annabeth. Second, she was too smart. She'd see right through me.
Guide by wierdo4 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Hey. I’m wierdo4(previously wierdo2, and wierdo3) and I’m one of the admins. As some of আপনি may know, there are rules in place. The problem is most of you, including newbies don’t. So here are the rules already in place made দ্বারা our leader, Amphitrite (who is currently on Olympus) From here on is Amph’s words Reposted.

Who likes articles? I do, I do!!! There is nothing I find আরো satisfying here than পাঠ করা a good প্রবন্ধ that gives rise to a great discussion. Below I have everything আপনি need to know about প্রবন্ধ to get আপনি লেখা and get the discussions started.

Rules for প্রবন্ধ and প্রবন্ধ Comments

1. First and foremost, as with the rest of the spot, NO SPAM! If I see any spam প্রবন্ধ অথবা মতামত I will প্রতিবেদন them on sight....yeah...I'm mean about spam.

2. Please keep your প্রবন্ধ relevant to the series...this goes hand-in-hand with the spam. No, Harry Potter doesn't make an appearance at Camp Halfblood and I seriously doubt that Whisty Allgood was spotted on Mt. Olympus so I don't want them to be a topic for an article...they have their own বই and their own spots.
List by Blaze_of_Ares posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Major Olympian Gods
This section is for the main gods of Olympus.

Zeus/Jupiter - God of Justice, Ruler of Olympus, Lord of the Sky
Poseidon/Neptune - God of Earthquakes, Lord of Storms, Master of the Seas
Hades/Pluto - God of Wealth, Lord of Death, Master of the Underworld
Hera/Juno - Goddess of Marriage, Patron of Motherhood, কুইন of Women
Demeter/Ceres - Goddess of Agriculture, Lady of Bounty, Mistress of the Seasons
Ares/Mars - God of War, Bloodshed and Conflict, Lord of Frenzy and Wrath
Athena/Minerva - Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom, Lady of Civilization and Innovation
Apollo - God of Light and Prophecy, Lord of সঙ্গীত and Poetry
Artemis/Diana - Goddess of Chastity and Wellness, Lady of the Hunt and the Wilderness
Aphrodite/Venus - Goddess of Beauty and Love, Lady of Desire and Grace
Hephaestus/Vulcan - God of আগুন and the Forge, Lord of Artisans and Craftsmen
Hermes/Mercury - God of Dexterity and Travel, Lord of Messengers and Thieves
Fan fiction by izzysunshine159 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Introduce tHazel;Sami & Maddy finally got there own sleepover were they can discuss how being demigods c changed there lives.
All three of them found out they were demigods last বছর & Maddy moved to PA during that same year. Why don't I tell আপনি our story on how we found out we were demigods? Okay it all started the first দিন of school..............
Maddy Dylan and a girl named Hazel (me!) Were new at St.Elizabeth Ann Seton and had no idea who anyone was. Hazel did this whole moving thing before but not Maddy. Maddy was a bit scared because everyone was staring. Hazel stood পরবর্তি to Maddy noticing her nervousness.Hazel whispered"Are আপনি ok. আপনি seem nervous " .Maddy whispered back ˝fine.you?" " Same. আপনি done this kinda thing before?" "Wha- "
She got cut of দ্বারা the teacher Mrs. Chatham."Now class settle down. I know it is the first দিন of school but that does not mean আপনি get to be loud. আপনি are in 6th grade to old for this kinda stuff. Now class we have three new students and I would like them to feel as welcome as possible. Why don't we introduce them to আপনি and আপনি can introduce yourselves as well? Why don't আপনি start"
Opinion by Blaze_of_Ares posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Uppercase Letter | Lowercase Letter     | Name | Sound
A     | a | alpha | a
B     | β |     beta | b
┌     | γ     | gamma | g
Δ     | δ |    delta | d
E     | ε     | epsilon | e
Z     | ζ |    zeta | dz
H     | η     | eta | e
Fan fiction by abrown7297 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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9 fans
Disclaimer: All rights to Rick Riordan, well, the characters anyway.

Author: abrown7297

Summary: The পরবর্তি installment in abrown7297’s series follows the residents of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood as they try to defend their beloved camps from the oppressions of Ouranos.

Characters: The campers of Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood

Prequel: The Mark of Athena (my story) link

Sequel: শিরোনাম coming soon!

Opinion by TeddyKellogg123 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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8 fans
I've been wanting to do this for a while now... But I didn't know if it would be a good fanfiction... Sooo... Can আপনি tell me what আপনি think?
Hate accepted (xD)

Chapter 1
Typical Day

I was in the Gym.
Like I was everyday since my mothers passing. I was training harder then ever, my face shining with sweat, my silvery blonde hair in a matted bun on the back of my head. My brown-gold eyes looked tired, my best friend Carol, ব্যক্ত before she left for the night.
That was five hours ago.
It was now almost 11:00 at night, and I was trying to perfect my bar.
I put আরো chalk on my hand, and was getting ready to go back up when a bang echoed off the walls.
I turned towards the door to see a figure in the door.
The figure was busty, it's hair grossly curled. It's handbag swung this way and that.
"HALEY LEWIS!" The figure shouted at me.
I flinched. "Yes Aunt Lucille?" I asked as politely as I could. I dispiese her greatly.
List by Blaze_of_Ares posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Aerokinesis: ability to control and manipulate wind/air
Main users - Zeus, Aeolus, অথবা Poseidon (although it is in the form of storms) and their children

Atmokinesis: ability to control and manipulate the weather
Main users - Zeus, Aeolus, Poseidon, Helios, and Hyperion each possess a fraction of these abilities

Chlorokinesis: ability to control and manipulate plants and flowers
Main users - Demeter, Persephone, Gaea, Dionysus and their children

Chronokinesis: ability to control and manipulate time
Main users - Kronos

Cryokinesis: ability to control and manipulate ice and cold
Main users - Khione and Boreas

Electrokinesis: ability to control and manipulate electricity (and lightning)
Main users - Zeus and his children

Geokinesis: ability to control and manipulate earth, rock, minerals, etc.
Main users - Hades, Poseidon, Gaea, Demeter and their children

Hydrokinesis: ability to control and manipulate water and moisture
Review by universalpowa posted বছরখানেক আগে
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The official cover- The glowing eyed owl in the background, and Percy and Jason fighting. KABOOM.

[Probably not the best way to start out an প্রবন্ধ with "POMG" but I don't care.]

So after like, three hours of research [dude, this took me forever] I have finally reached this conclusion...


Why? Thanks to my best friend গুগুল and it’s buddy Wikipedia and the giant history textbooks in my basement. I প্রণয় আপনি GUYS SO FLIPPIN MUCH.

Anywho, I have uncovered the amazing truth...DUNDUNDUN.

And that is, a certain line from The হারিয়ে গেছে Hero, which I have conveniently written down here again from the book. Also, not to mention the prophecy, WHICH FINALLY MAKES SENSE.
“...And foes ভালুক arms to the Doors of Death...”

“Annabeth nodded. “Your Great Prophecy- what’s the last line?”
“And foes ভালুক arms to the Doors of Death.”
“Gaea has opened the Doors of Death.” Annabeth said. “She’s letting out the worst villains of the আন্ডারওয়ার্ল্ড to fight us. Medea, Midas- there’ll be more, I’m sure. Maybe the line means that the Roman and Greek demigods will unite, and find...
Opinion by Spottedtail139 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Zoe stepped অগ্রবর্তী as of to তীক্ষ্নভাবে Percy but

before Atremis could say something " Smack

Percy and আপনি won't live to tell the tale" I

growled Zoe backed away with an impressed

and astonished face like she can't believe I just

ব্যক্ত that to her and Artemis looked impressed

as well " Yes I am Artemis goddess of the hunt

but Sabrina how did আপনি know I was Goddess of

the Hunt?"

" I'm not stupid! আপনি are my পছন্দ goddess of

all time Artemis" a tingle went down my spine

me saying the felt right "I know আপনি have no

patience for wandering creatures wild beasts

are আপনি prey is that not obvious" I ব্যক্ত with my

eyes my shut tight going throught the

Knowledge in my head " Night is your weapon.

আপনি are the eldest of the Leto Twins your sliver

arrows are like moonbeams they do not cause a
Opinion by Spottedtail139 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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" Percy where did that demigods go?" asked I nervously.

" That is a good প্রশ্ন they are uh... Annabeth Sabrina

they're gone and so is Dr. Torn" Percy said.

" Who is- Never mind" I said.

" Percy we need to get Thaila and Grover!'' Annabeth said.

" Grover the Clover's here!' I smiled.

"Sabrina!'' they both ব্যক্ত looking at me. Annabeth and I ran

looking for Thaila and Grover when I turned around Percy wasn't

there. Then he popped out of the gym he and I turn to look at

the door and I saw the two demigods carried দ্বারা the neck like

বেড়ালছানা দ্বারা some guy Percy ran after him and I ran to. When I got

outside Percy and the demigods were gone. No no no! This

creep is gonna get it! "Sabrina! What happened?" I heard

Annabeth say. " The creep has Percy! Hes mine remember that

no one and I mean no one takes Percy away from me no one!" I
Fan fiction by universalpowa posted বছরখানেক আগে
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Rating: T
Type: One Shot
Genre: Fanfiction, humor

Disclaimer: Mr. Troller [Rick Riordan] owns these characters. I WANT LEO. </3 D8

Dedication: The UK cover of the Mark of Athena. As Tracy ব্যক্ত on the wall: "Percy and Jason look constipated." Voila, this one shot is born. So don't ask other than that where this idea came from- just- don't.


Leo woke up in his bunk in his ship, the Argo II. He had decided that the number of caffeinated drinks were probably NOT healthy after fifteen cups, and had crashed out with his legs hanging off one end of the bunk. His বন্ধু had insisted he needed some sleep, and his brain gratefully obliged.

Sadly, Leo’s bladder was not built for holding fifteen cups of Dunkin’ ডোনাটস্‌ double-mocha আগ্নেয়গিরি caffeine explosions; which he had stopped the ship to pick up almost four hours earlier.

“I really have to pee.” Leo said, walking over to open the door to listen to nature’s call.
Opinion by Spottedtail139 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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I saw Percy pack a tux so I packed my wavy সবুজ সমুদ্র dress

and blue heels. When I walked in I saw that it was a dance and

it all made perfect sense they would take the demigods back to

camp while the dance was going on so I went into the bathroom

and changed into my dress and heels my hair was naturally

wavy. When I got out all the guys were staring at me and I shied

away and a guy with blonde hair and brown eyes came up to me

" I'm Austin আপনি want to dance?" he asked.

" Sure" I smiled at him we danced and dance and I saw Percy

and Annabeth dancing when I notice they like each other! I have

to talk to Percy about this! " Austin I have to go my brother

wants me" I said.

" Oh ok I hope I see আপনি again" he ব্যক্ত kind of disappointed.

" Me too" I smiled and I ran over to Percy and Annabeth. I

tapped on Percy's shoulder. " Hiya" I ব্যক্ত when he turned