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This The House of Anubis ছবি contains জাপানি খুবানি, মেই, prunus mume, জাপানি বরই, prunus salicina, পর্বত গুল্মবিশেষ, কাঠ গুল্মবিশেষ, আমেরিকান গুল্মবিশেষ, বস্ত্রবিশেষ গুল্ম, and kalmia latifolia.

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Willow : KT! KT! Get up! Get up!
KT : *wakes up and walks to Willow* What?
Willow : *shows her arm* My arm, look.
KT : Oh no! You've got the MOA!
Willow : MOA?
KT : I'll tell আপনি later because the "frogs" are the only ones who can help.
Willow : Alright.
KT : *looks at the দেওয়াল clock* Right now is 3:00am in the morning. We better go back to sleep tomorrow is school.

-THE পরবর্তি দিন AT AMBER&NINA'S ROOM-
Nina : Willow? আপনি got the mark of Anubis.
Willow : What is this mark of Anubis? Tell me please.
Amber : আপনি must swear not to tell anyone else.
Willow : I swear.
KT : Sibuna, girls.
Willow : Sibuna?...
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posted by stellamusa101
Note : I am stellawinx101 but when my account is removed i registered again and decide to make this too!
Nina : We'll give আপনি the mask we just don't know where it is!
Sankara : Find it..
Sara : Sankara, pity on them!
Sankara : Never.. *laughs evilly*
Sara : *disappears*
Sankara ; Now.. give me the mask..
Nina : Never!
Jerome : *has the mask and hides it* See, we don't have it and আপনি can go back to your world!
Sankara : Very well.. অথবা RISK your life! *disappears*
Amber :...
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Nina POV
I'm back home. My friend Sebastain and Jaden are going to pick me up. Where are they? Suddenly I here someone say from behind me.
"What's up, Marty?! Long time, no see."
I almost forgot the ridiculas nicknames. Before I even turn around I say
""Hi Jaden"
I turn around to see my two oldest friend, one a girl with long, uncontrolabbly curly brown hair, the other blond with a really bad haircut.
"How does it goes?" Sebastain asks smiling.
"Good. Anything exciting happen to আপনি guys?" I say.
"No,all we did was..." He had to stop there because Jaden interrupted him
"We booked a time on...
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in 12 সেকেন্ড it was the cutest ছবি ever !!!!!!!!!!
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Nina : No, no!
Voice : Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Nina : No!
Amber : What "no"?
Nina : I think Sankara is after me. She really really is after me!
Amber : Relax.
Nina : I'm not a vampire, yet, right?
Amber : No.

-SO THE পরবর্তি DAY-
KT : Hello, anybody here? *walks with a bag*
Willow : KT, do আপনি think this house is haunted?
KT : Willow, stop playing jokes! You're my BFF and you're suppose to support me of believing there's no ghost here.
Patricia : *walks to them* Oh Hello, guys. Are আপনি new students?
Willow : Yeah. We're BFFs. She's KT and I am Willow.
Patricia : Nice to meet আপনি guys. *shake hands with KT then...
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amber may be a blonde but she still is the genius behind the house, well maybe not the genius behind the whole house but she still is smart at thhings আপনি would not know unless আপনি watched the প্রদর্শনী go amber!!
amber millington
she is a genius
boyfriend drama
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