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posted by avrilsmylife
Adia's POV

"Adia Walter," my হৃদয় stopped. Surely there is another Adia Walter here?
“Oh my God, congratulations.” I felt two arms give a hug. I looked around and everyone was smiling at me.

Snap out of it1 fake it! I told myself.
“At least we know who is going to win this year,” I smiled at জলপাই and made my way towards the stage,

“So আপনি must be Adia.” My escort asked.
“Yes I am.” I looked around and I saw my family pretending to look happy but I saw in there eyes how upset they were.
“For a, moment আপনি looked quite scared. Were you?”
“ Oh I wasn’t, just shocked that...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Chapter 1
The District

I quietly and quickly pick the katniss plant's roots. Have to hurry home, অথবা at least the ruined building I call my home. Living a destroyed old district, আপনি kind of get used to the idea of having to hurry back to ruined buildings, before the rats and bugs decide to settle into your so called home.I start on my way back, when I see a plump rabbit, just watching me desperately pick the roots, while coated in mud. This annoys me, and with one সত্বর movement, I ছুরি the fat fool from afar. A direct hit. Perfect. I've been working on my ছুরি throwing skills, and got a lucky...
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posted by flabaloobalah
The training isn't much to look at on the screen. Just a bunch of teenagers in black outfits throwing heavy objects around and playing with weapons, and most of them look bored. Three days of trying to get the Gamemakers' attention. Not much of it. They're feasting on buffets of extravagant meals and guzzling wine.
We don't get to see the private sessions, but later in the দিন we get to see everyones' scores. I wait anxiously to see Peeta's. Eight! Peeta got an eight in his training! পরবর্তি is his coounterpart, Katniss. Everyone on screen, including Caesar Flickerman, who hosts the interviews,...
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Here is the Reaping for District 1. I hope আপনি enjoy it and please leave your thoughts about the tributes. Happy পাঠ করা :)

District One Reaping:

The gleaming yellow sun illuminates the dreary grey morning.

Birds streak the sky as white clouds part way to the beautiful blue. Tall buildings soar and the air smells of faint perfume. People dressed in bejeweled coats, fluffy dresses and স্যুইটস্‌ made of fine silk walk along the cracked, granite sidewalk. Desperate attention-seekers quickly adjust their makeup while eager Hunger Games অনুরাগী roar and cheer in celebration of Reaping Day.

Welcome to District...
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Hello, all! Today, I'm going to write the 68th Annual Hunger Games, which I originally পোষ্ট হয়েছে on FFN which got no reviews (*le sob*) Anyways, here's the short intro after which I shall post the District 1 Reaping (which I have written) and so on. Anyways, enjoy and please মতামত if আপনি like it!


When the autumn leaves have হারিয়ে গেছে their hue, when the snow has melted away, when the glittering sun has shone bright, illuminating the dreary atmosphere of the districts whose people shall be clothed in their best, it is that time of the year.

Yes, it is that time of the year. At last.

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I barely drift back into sleep after my nightmare when my little brother, Brant, dashes through my room and jumps onto the বিছানা with me and says, "Maevie, Maevie! Peeta is on the news! Come here, Maevie!" I'm intrigued, so I give Brant a big চুম্বন and follow him downstairs.
He's right. On the television, which is tuned to the District 12 news, is a picture of Peeta. The newswoman is explaining that "a native of District 12, a baker, 16 বছর old Peeta Mellark, has officially been reaped as this year's male tribute for the Hunger Games. He was picked shortly after a minor fiasco involving a 12 year...
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I spend the rest of the reaping দিন locked in my room, huddled in a ball, trying not to think of Peeta and the painful, dreadful days to come. My mother never tries to talk to me অথবা intrude on me; she must know how I feel, because she loves Peeta too.
When it's suppertime, all she does is crack my door open and slip the plate of খাবার onto my bedside টেবিল and run back out. I don't eat much of the মাছ অথবা green beans, just pick microscopic pieces of the খাবার off and play with it, bored.
When the lights go out and noises cease, I whimper softly into my pillow. Could it really have been this afternoon...
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posted by avrilsmylife
Hey, this is a fanfiction i wrote based on THG. It is set the বছর Johanna won so it about the 71st games xx Please tell me what আপনি think! Its my first story as well xx

Its reaping day! My name will be in the bowl 4 times. I have a chance of being picked. I live in districe 2 so most of us dont need to put our names in আরো times to feed our families, I have a chance of being picked!
Shut up! There are over 7000 different names in that bowl and evein if i got picked there is a good chance someone will volunteer foir me. Someone wants to represent our district with pride. The odds will be in...
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posted by Nuttypeanut
This is just a joke. Don't take it seriously! I প্রণয় HG and (most) of these characters! Oh and there might be spoilers, so be careful if আপনি haven't read up till Mockingjay!

President Snow- Making young children kill each other is totally fine.

Peeta- Don't tell the girl that আপনি প্রণয় about your feelings for her, until আপনি have to kill her.

Mrs. Everdeen- It's fine to blank out on your kids and leave them to fend for themselves. Who cares if your husband died? Just don't take care of your kids and it will be okay.

Gale- Creating a bomb that kills your best friend's little sister is perfectly fine, as long as আপনি get your way (which involves killing the entire country)

Katniss- It's okay to break the laws and sell squirrels to the baker whose son আপনি have to kill, and whose wife মতামত আপনি as trash.

Cinna- It's totally okay to set your clients on fire, then make them hold hands and pretend to be in প্রণয় before they have to kill each other.
BEHOLD! I am zeebem10 and I will be making a Hunger Games অনুরাগী fiction. It is based on what I think The Thirtieth Hunger games are. Here are The tributes!

The Thirtieth Hunger Games

Gleam-Girl-District 1-Age:16

Ray-Boy-District 1-Age:17

Stonni-Girl-District 2-Age:13

Mason-Boy-District 2-Age:18

Dixie Flatline-Girl-District 3-Age:16

Mac-Boy-District 3-Age:16

Morgandy-Girl-District 4-Age:17

Tay-Boy-District 4-Age:14

Electra-Girl-District 5-Age:16

Thor-Boy-District 5-Age:13

Reeta-Girl-District 6-Age:12

Rex-Boy-District 6-Age:15

Sylvie-Girl-District 7-Age:14

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My fingernails are chewed to the nub. Filled with dirt I cannot clean and of unnatural color. Everywhere I look, there is jungle and green. I hate her, the Mockingjay. She did this, she is going to make us die! She is what killed almost everyone I loved. And what did I do? I didn't know about a rebellion অথবা anything. None of the Capitol children did... And now we have to pay for something that is not on our hands.

Everything around me makes noise, putting the thought of an attacker around in my head. But everyone here is my friend, and 21 of them are already dead. Killed দ্বারা their neighbor,...
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posted by SushiZebra
to the tune of Sexy & I Know It দ্বারা LMFAO

When I swim on past, girls be lookin like, "Damn, he's fast."
I listen to the ocean, crashing down to the sand, makin lots of commotion, yeah.
This is how I'm glad, career tribute, pants outta fad.
It's Odair with the nets & মাছ hooks, I'm a victor and I got the looks, yeah.
Girl, look at that Finnick,
Girl, look at that Finnick,
Girl, look at that Finnick,
I, I make nets, yeah.
Girl, look at that Finnick,
Girl, look at that Finnick,
Girl, look at that Finnick,
I, I spear fish.
When I walk in the Capitol, this is what I see,
everyone is fallin in প্রণয় with me.
I got a trident in my hand and I ain't afraid to প্রদর্শনী it, প্রদর্শনী it, প্রদর্শনী it...
I'm Finnick and I know it!
*doo doo doo doo doo doo*

And it goes on... and on... and on....
Just an example of our dangerous obsession with the Hunger Games... Ciao! :D
Here's a parody I wrote! (:

- Brianna Buckley

I see আপনি playing in the games with that girl I love
and Im like, forget you.
I guess the squirells in my pocket, just weren't enough
and Im like forget আপনি and forget peeta too.
If I was richer, would I be with ya?
Out in the town.
I put the খাবার in your chest, but I still wish আপনি the best with a
Forget you.

Yeah I'm sorry, that they didn't reap me.
And I couldn't protect আপনি in the games.
I last saw you, in the justice building, ooh
then আপনি ran onto the train to play.

I pity that fool,
who's falling over you.
(She's too strong to, ever প্রণয় you)
Ooh, Katniss,...
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ME: Finally! I've created a time machine! I'll go to the future and bring Katniss here so she is safe. And rescue some others too!!!

5 MIN. Later in district 12

ME: Finally! I'm here! In Katniss' room! Perfect!
(Katniss walks in)
ME: DON'T SCREAM!!! আপনি know the way I just did...
KATNISS: Who are you?
ME:I am a vampi... I'm joking. I'm here to save you, peeta, prim, and wow there might আরো people than i thought...
KATNISS: Your a little late...
ME: DON'T প্রশ্ন ME!!!!
KATNISS: Oh, okay, calm down...
ME: No...
ME: Gather this তালিকা of people in to your room

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posted by Ninjacupcake
As I walk out towards him, I wonder. Why did he প্রণয় me? Even after he হারিয়ে গেছে everything, why? His parents, প্রথমপাতা and even mind perished and he still held me and gave me warmth. Sometimes it's different, the way he loves me. It's not like in the cave... but as it was on the train. There is still a wall, a দেওয়াল I also have. This divides us as individuals with our own issues we can never deal with.

It scares me when he tightens his grip on a chair, because I know what he was thinking and wanted to do. I would just glance and say nothing, but in the bathroom, I would cry. This is why I asked to myself,...
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posted by BeastsGirl
She couldn't believe that the দিন was finally here. The smile on her face refused to be contained as she looked in the mirror; admiring the dress that flattered her in all the right places. Annie smiled back at her as she adjusted the veil. She was glad that she had asked Annie to be her Maid of Honour as she felt it was also a way of honouring Finnick. Her smile slipped slightly at the thought of the fallen Victor. However, it swiftly returned as she thought about Peeta, who almost became a fallen Victor himself. Those dark days, when Peeta's mind was the sole property of the Capitol, thanks...
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posted by huddy_aimee
Chapter One

"My name is Jessica Amane, and this is my story,"

The water rippled quietly around me as I sat in a শাল্তি out at sea. A hand line strung out over the side. Waiting for মাছ to bite was the longest wait. Around me, other children around my age sat in their canoes with their hand lines. আরো skilled fishers were প্রদত্ত spears to go spear fishing with. But at the age of fifteen, I was not considered experienced enough. Children here start fishing at the age of 10. We aren't treated very well either. If we don't come back with a decent catch we get a flogging.

I live in the fishing district....
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posted by MarlenaLovett
First off, before any of আপনি get offended, these are my opinions so don’t bite my head off.

So, I’ve been here, পাঠ করা a lot of people saying how willing they would to jump into the Games. Really? You’d be that willing to put your life on the line — to probably be killed, to be famous অথবা rich? If you’ve read the books, you’ll know that there are at least four other children (districts one and two) who have trained for most of their lives just for this moment. Now I’m not staying that some of আপনি out their aren’t good with weapons, I’m just saying আপনি probably haven’t trained...
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Hi! (: This is a parody I wrote. This is set in Peeta's pov right after the 74th hunger games(:

Now and then I think of when we were in that cave.
When আপনি ran and got the medicine so I wouldn't die.
Waited so long for আপনি to notice me,
but আপনি and haymitch went and lied to me.
Now I wish i hadn't have survived

Some victors get addicted to drinks অথবা morphling.
But im only addicted to what I thought, What I thought we were.

So after the games, when we were on that train,
and আপনি ব্যক্ত that things would be the same,
before any of these games ever happened.

But আপনি didn't have to cut me off,
Pretend our love...
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 Jackie Emerson on Cover of Girls Life Magazine
Jackie Emerson on Cover of Girls Life Magazine
Jackie was in her রান্নাঘর ready to bite into a লেবু bar when she got word she landed the role of the clever District 5 tribute Foxface. ''I never ate that bar,'' she says, referring to the unsuing celebration.
Unlike her silent character, this game-loving (Scrabble tops her list, L.A.-based actress and singer has put her voice out there for the would to hear. অভিনয় since she was 6, Jackie has not only lent her talents to radio, TV and stage productions, but she has সঙ্গীত vids to her credit, too (check her out on YouTube). But it's this slick chick's resourcefulness that helped her win the...
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