It was a terrible দিন in the Prideland rain poured almost
everywhere. The হরিণবিশেষ had died....... all জন্তু জানোয়ার died. Simba went for a walk. "Father the son of Kovu has died. What should we do." Simba said. "It is time Simba আপনি are my son and Kovu is now the one true king to save us it is time for আপনি to know your destiny and become a তারকা it is time that the sun set on your time and rises with a new era. It isssss TIME!!!!" Simba was gone in a flash. Many years had passed and Nishia was becoming a great princess she was very careful and fell in প্রণয় with a boy that lived near দ্বারা named Malta. He was the son of Malka. Kovu liked Malta. "Did আপনি hear that the gorge has been flooded." Nishia ব্যক্ত while walking. "I think I can see it." Malta replied. "They saw a few lions looking at them angrily. "If it isn't Malta and Nishia walking along all together how cute!" Omati said. Zazu was flying nearby watching and flew down thinking he could fight instead of being a coward. He poked Omati in the eye. "What is wrong with আপনি bastard." Omati ব্যক্ত angrily. "Zazu I will take them down. Nishia said. But out of nowhere Kovu got on Omati's back and bit the tip of her ear off. Omati ran off screaming while she called some hyenas to help her these hyenas were..........................TO BE CONTINUED