As আপনি can see, Cartoon Network made a lt changes in the Looney Tunes. but once again, i say, Why aren't আপনি grateful that looney tunes was brought back to life once again, altough in a dfferent ways, আপনি guyz should be grateful, otherwise, আপনি might just keep repeating all the episodes of the classic looney tunes.
Okay let's see...changes..

Bugs Bunny
Before: actually smart when to pranks! Mostly funny all the tme when he knocks em off!
Now: still smart (still smart in pranks, but just smarter wen it comes to find ways!)three steps ahead everyone else, I can't tell anymore but I can say, cool!

Daffy Duck
Before: Always going wrong when it comes to repeating conversation, having his best line "you're...despicable" when being shotby Elmer, his beak turns around! How cool iz that?
Now: almost nothing has changed! Just got আরো crazy, now thiz iz cool, he wants to be a wizard! How cooll iz. That,too?

Porky Pig
Before: as usual, look at the way he speaks.
Now: still, as usual. (His voice is stil the same, too!)

Speedy Gonzales
Before: he has that cute voice. And he always say those things "arriba...arriba!.." blah blah like that. And he just প্রদর্শনী up sometimes
Now: he lives in Bugs' house, he had his own resturant (nice) and now shows আরো often.

Tazmanian Devil:
Before: spin and break! The commom technique to go crazy! He has his own character, and I like the way he speaks! Adorable!
Now: hE is now Bugs' pet! He got আরো adorable with that cute face, and the way he pisses off Daffy was cool!

Lola Bunny (here comes the commotion)
Before: smart! Really smart and always catches Bugs with that heart-eyes. I like the way she pisses of others when shez called "doll"
Now: still smart (when it comes to finding ways) but she often fell inlove with other guys like Pepe, Daffy and Speedy. She also got dumb (the way people hate it), she can't get bugs in a heart-eyes, but আপনি can say, they still luv each other ^^

Before: He really speaks with his tongue out like *pfffllsszzz* and as usual, he would like to eat other জন্তু জানোয়ার (of course, smaller than him) especially tweety
Now:He can now speak straight! He often chases tweety inside granny's house and he sometimes প্রদর্শনী up.

Before: nah, I can't tell, he is so adorable! (HE IS A BOY! REMEBER thAt!)
Now: he still say that word I TAUT I TAW A PuDDY TAT! He also প্রদর্শনী up sometimes.

Before: She really loves tweety, আপনি can't tell why. She always throw off sylvester when she caught sylvester eating tweety.
Now: she doesn't mind after all whether sylvester eats tweety অথবা not (cuz she knew sylvester will never catch tweety) ad now we can tell why she loves tweety--- tweety was the carrier pigieon of granyy during World War II! (And granny look like সিন্ড্রেলা when she was young)

Wil. E Coyote
Before: he speaks আরো often sayin WIL. E Coyote, super genius!" And his weapons to get road runner was simple levers.. some things like tht.
Now: He doesn't speak, but his weapons I getting road runner were getting hi-tech!

Road Runner
Before ad Now: as usual "beep beep!"

Before: he is really a ferocious monster! Everyone was scared of him, Bugs isn't XD
Now: is now a son of Lezah, a mid-school kid, and has a very cute voice! (His voice is actually the voice of Darwin Watterson in Amazing World of Gumball)

Witch Hazel/Lezah
Before: doing some witch-ness business, and her name before is Witch HAZEL. That's all
Now: She has a son named Gossamer, she already has her own magic, and she is now named Witch LEZAH.

Fogohorn Leghorn
Before and Now: "I say, I say!" Alost nothing changed, actually.

Mac and Tosh
Before and Now: still the best talktive gophers in town

**Tina Russo Duck
Before: She iz actually name Melissa Duck, her apperances also changed
Now: the streetsmart girl, and the no nonsense daffy's girlfriend

(Phew! I can't tell anymore!) Many changes, আপনি can see. But if আপনি grow up with the classic looney tunes and refused to watch the new one, sayin that "my childhood, destroyed", then don't watch! Anyway, (to grown-up haters) আপনি are old enough to care about this. I am a twelve-year-old girl (and shut up, I'm not a grown-up, I'm an adolescent!) And I still luv cartoons! If you're kids were like this, don't refuse to their favorites, its their favorite, আপনি can't change it. So PLEASE, stop having so much issues! Its just a cartoon! And আপনি can see, Mickey মাউস has changed too! Before mickey মাউস কার্টুন are realistic, now it became ফ্যান্টাসি (I'm tallkin' about Mickey মাউস Clubhouse). So Everything change, don't issue this much ITS ONLY A CARTOON.