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posted by AuraraSohma
Leader: of the new Zodiac. Looks: I have long dark purple hair and dark hazel green eyes.Personality: I'm a goth i gess (lol)and if আপনি know Fruits basket then i should tell আপনি I'm a lot like Kyo Sohma. My Zodiac forms: are a purple tiger, a purple cat with tiger stripes and i have a true form (like Kyo)and its a purple dragon with tiger stripes. Crush: Kyo Sohma (tell him and আপনি die). Why i like my Crush: well iv known him since we were three and we get along OK and he is loving when আপনি rilly get to know him so ya.that's all i gess. oh and i keep my past a secret.
posted by dijami-chan
my life

hi i am dijami.dijami-chan.and here are some things about me.

i am a zodiac hair turns স্ট্রবেরি blond,brown and gold.oh ya.and bright orange.when i was a baby girl i had ears and a tail.and i can grow ears and a tail.i grew up with my mother cause my father died.then mother married another man.p.s.... he was ugly.kno imean he was realy mom has a terrable cense of men.any how......she was prego.and 9 months later this annoing শিয়াল came out.then the শিয়াল grew up.she is 5.

then mother told me i had to go to skool.she homeskooled me for a few the first দিন of...
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posted by iruka_san
iruka: im the leader of the ocean eyes are aqua blue. i am the শুশুক zodiac. i have brown hair with blue streaks in the bangs. my hair turns blue in the water. i have 4 forms: human form, mermaid form, water dragon form, and শুশুক form. i'm 17 and a half.

igishi: im the octopus seven. my hair is greenish blue and my eyes are the same. i hav a little sister named hinosu-san. she is in the stronger group of the ocean catagory while im in the weaker spot. it angers me that a little girl who is six is on a higher level.

kinae: i am the magnificent kinae-san! i am the পাঁকাল zodiac!i...
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posted by iruka_san
tomarrow is new years. পরবর্তি বছর is the বছর of the dragon অথবা sea horse.
tohru: hello every body! im done shopping for dinner!
gure: good im starved!
tohru: we are having sushi!
hatori: good. my duaghter loves sushi.
*tohru looks stunned*
tohru: d-d-d-d-DUAGHTER?!?!?
hatori:ha ha. yes i forgot to tell আপনি all. my duaghter iruka is coming here to visit for new year!
gure: iruka? i havent seen her since.....hhmm....when she was 5!
yuki: ya me neither....wheres she been?
hatori: she has with me in my সৈকত house......
yuki: how come she didnt come over here with u when u came?
hatori: becuz.....uum.....she...
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added by AuraraSohma