Marissa pulled into the trailer park, her rims still spinning long after the car was parked. Marissa opened the door, and flinched as it creaked open, hoping her mom wasn’t home. She stepped into the small, cramped kitchen. Marissa placed her cell phone on the রান্নাঘর counter just as something moved behind her.

“Marissa?” a female voice called from the even smaller and আরো cramped living room.
Marissa turned around, dreading the inevitable

“Skipping school?” Caitlin grinned

“Caitlin? What are আপনি doing প্রথমপাতা from boarding school?”

“I decided to প্রদর্শনী up early, wouldn’t want to miss Hailey’s arrival party...I’m sure we’re bound to have lots of fun.” Caitlin ব্যক্ত sarcastically

“We?” Marissa frowned

“You’re not going?”

“Uh, yea right, spare me the drama.”

“Oh..still broken up over the Hailey break up?”

“No.” Marissa ব্যক্ত defensively

“Just as well, seeing as I don’t want to go either. Mom made me come home, ব্যক্ত it’d be rude if I didn’t প্রদর্শনী up, I mean I barely even talk to Hailey so why should I have to go?”

“Speaking of the devil, where is she?”

“Over at the Cohens, planning that arrival party.”

“Does she even know you’re here?”

“Not yet, but I was hoping that she doesn’t find’re not gonna-

“Don’t sweat it, the আরো I avoid her the”

“This conversation never happened?”

“Right, later” Marissa ব্যক্ত as she grabbed some dollar bills off the রান্নাঘর counter and left.


Marissa pulled into the parking lot of The Bait Shop, five মিনিট before 2. Walking through the doors she saw a glimpse of what she swore was Caitlin, but passed it off as the sun playing tricks on her. Looking around the club, she was surprised to find it nearly empty.

“Hey.” Marissa greeted Alex who was behind the bar.

“Hey, you’re early.” Alex ব্যক্ত as she glanced at the clock which read three মিনিট till two.

“That’s because she was hoping to impress,” Caitlin grinned “Usually she’s late to everything.”

“What the hell are আপনি doing here?” Marissa ব্যক্ত rather annoyed

“You forgot this.” Caitlin ব্যক্ত as she handed Marissa her cell phone. “ আপনি know, I was looking through your incoming calls list, and the last person to call was interesting”

Marissa remained silent, her eyes now glued to the counter as Caitlin continued to talk.

“So what did আপনি talk about?”


“Well, আপনি had to have ব্যক্ত something.”