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Christine kisses Erik, who pretended to fulfill a promise, but told a devastating lie. She agrees to marry him in the book, giving up HER dreams. her COMPASSION is her STENTGH. The book was about a women's right to marry who she chooses.
"The Phantom of the Opera" is feminst Raoul follows her to her Father's grave for no reason when he says the অ্যাঞ্জেল of সঙ্গীত isn't real he is being overprotective When Christine knows the truth he is someone to go to for support. He can't save himself from Erik's torture chamber! The Persain was the first Arab character I saw post 9/11. He was heroic, intelligent,...
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 Erik and Christine.
Erik and Christine.
Hi guys, I'm going to compare the original novel and the stage musical that popularise the former.

The Novel

When I first read the book, I was taken aback about how the story was different from the musical. It starts with Joseph Buquet's mysterious death, which was officially ruled as a suicide.
Raoul was a very unlikable character in the novel unlike the musical counterpart, he is always angry with Christine and his relationship with Philippe, his elder brother was really explosive due to disapproval over his relationship with Christine.
Erik still remains the same and in the novel, he's also...
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 Christine and Erik, open up your mind!
Christine and Erik, open up your mind!
Hi guys, since I had only done the stage review, here is the movie review that I will write.

The Story

While the story is exactly like the stage version, some songs were revise for logical reasons. A couple of them were shortened to avoid repetition, the ending with the elderly Raoul was added that is not feature in the stage version.

Music of the Night

As mentioned, many familiar songs are feature and are shortened. Originally, the Phantom (Erik in the original novel) has a new song which was written specially for this film. But it was omitted due to time constrain, it is feature on the Special Edition DVD.

The Characters

While watching this film, I keep thinking that this film is like Disney's Beauty and the Beast, with the exception of the ending which both the antagonist and protagonist did not die.

In All Your Fantasies

So, these are my thoughts on the film and enjoy it.
 Stranger Than আপনি Dream It.
Stranger Than You Dream It.
Hi everyone, it's been coming to 9 years since I watched the musical in Singapore. I have always want to write this review of the stage version since I had did a comparison on both the movie and stage version!

The Staging

I was stunned দ্বারা the staging because it was such a spectacular, colourful and whimsical, I also like how each scenes represent dark & light throughout the musical. It was like bringing the realism of what it's like of Palais de Garnier, on which the story is set.
One of my major disappointments was that I did not sit in front where the dramatic chandelier came crashing...
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1. Andrew Lloyd Webber/Love Never Dies
2. 1925
3. Robert Englund
4. অ্যাঞ্জেল of সঙ্গীত
5. 1987 animated
6 Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater: Phantom of the Theater
7. 1943
8. Phantom of the Megaplex
9. Phantom of the Mall
10. 1962
11. 1998
12. 1990
13. Phantom Yeston/Kopit
15 Phantom of the Paradise
16. Phantom of the Opry
17. Wishbone: Pantin at the Opera
18. David Staller
19. 1983
20. American Dad: Phantom of the Telethon
21. El Fantasma de la Opereta (1959) [without subtitles]
22. Song at Midnight (1937) [without subtitles]
23. The Phantom of Hollywood
24. Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse
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posted by WildConcerto
All right.

So Tumblr has been crazy with this in the last few weeks since Sierra Boggess has left the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera on September 6th. A rather short run, so to say: she did start only on May 14th…

I wasn’t going to write anything about this at first. But now, rumor has it Sierra Boggess has stated that her 2014 run in Broadway was going to be the last time she would play Christine.

Cough cough.


Of course.

Bullshit. Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit. BULLSHIT.

Everyone knows Sierra is Cameron Mackintosh’s and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s darling....
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posted by WildConcerto
শীর্ষ 10 reasons for why Erik/Christine doesn’t work.

Yes, I know I was supposed to প্রকাশ my প্রণয় Never Dies rant before, but… this is really to help me write it.

So, short story. Before coming on Fanfiction, I already knew that almost everyone on Earth were E/C shippers. But I was still shocked of seeing the ridiculous number of E/C authors, especially that there are very good ones among them. Now, I’m not being rude, it’s okay to like the E/C pairing (I guess…), but I’m just being really honest. I remember, when I entered the phandom, I was a mild R/C shipper (You know, “I prefer...
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I saw The Phantom of the Opera when I was 12, and I heard the Original লন্ডন Cast Recording of প্রণয় Never Dies when I was 16. দ্বারা then my life had gone through some MAJOR changes. For one thing my Dad died 2.75 months after I saw The Phantom of the Opera on stage (believe it অথবা not) and my life was continuing to get worse, so my personality like the characters in "Love Never Dies" changed with life. What I'm trying to say is "Misery loves company" especially from close friends. When I was 13 I had read "The Phantom of Manhattan" so it was not a surprise to me when Christine died. :(!

In a class...
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Location: POTO social media sites.

Mission Statement: To make Phans with better Phandom.

Who is our God?
Gaston Leroux is God.

Gaston Leroux's Original Novel Illustrated দ্বারা Andre Castaigne,

Praying to Leroux:
whenever আপনি pray use this prayer:

Our Phantom who art in Paris
Erik be thy name
Thy Opera come, Don Juan be done
With Christine as star, as it should be
Give us this দিন our daily aria
And forgive us our punjabbing, as we have punjabbed in your name
And lead us not toward The Phantom Reviewer but deliver us from ______
For thine is Box 5, the mask, and candle, forever and ever...
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posted by Rac801
I have seen T.P.O.T.O many times, and most of them have been the 25th anniversary performance. This performance is by-far my favorite. Ramin Kariloo is the BEST Phantom I have ever seen. Sierra Boggess is also the best Christine. Hadley Fraser is one of the best Raoul's I have seen. Even Meg and Madame Giry were fantastic. Carlotta was probably my least পছন্দ actress. I enjoyed this performance so much better because the actors seemed like they were literally their characters. I hope আপনি enjoyed this and আপনি can watch the entire performance on youtube. Thanks!
Well firstly, I'd like to say that I watched the Australian Cast Recording (not being lucky enough to see it in life) and the staging/costumes/set were superb! Really, in some scenes I felt as if I were looking at a real bar/circus/etc that one might go into on a weekend quite casually.
The গান গাওয়া was equally wonderful from most parties - I particularly enjoyed Ben Lewis as the Phantom, the অভিনয় mostly on the same level. However, I much prefer the songs of the original Phantom of the Opera.
And now for the plot. Christine, now married to the suddenly তিক্ত Raoul, and with a musically talented...
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Paris, 1890, nine years after the events of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Nine years in which all thoughts of Erik, the অ্যাঞ্জেল who'd once haunted her দিন and night had been cast aside, discarded like a broken doll. Nine years in which poor, sixteen বছর old Christine had grown up, grown up into a women of high reputation, with a handsome young husband and prospects of a child.

So much can change in nine years.

Yet it only takes a little to be hurled back into the past.

Chapter One :

Paris is host to a number of fine hospitals, all which produce many a fine baby from many a fine mother. It is a particular...
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Three days ago, on the 23rd of June 2013, a crisis to go down in the history of musical theatre occurred. The female lead, Christine Daee, in London's best loved musical, the Phantom of The Opera, was found dead in her hotel room after the magnificent first show's finale. Phillipa Jones, who played the role, had previously been telling the rest of the cast outlandish rumours of a face appearing behind her mirror - as the Phantom did to Christine's in the play.

Distraught, yet convinced the প্রদর্শনী must go on, the director (who will remain unnamed) forced her understudy to...
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Over the past two weeks, six girls have been reported missing, all with a link - a lone, scarlet rose, left at their front door the দিন after they vanished. Yet this sinister case has one too many connections with another frightening tale. The Phantom Of the Opera, the tale of Erik, an elusive inventor on the brink of madness and genius. The legendary myth tells that he haunted the ground beneath the Paris Opera House, gradually convincing Christine Daee, an innocent chorus girl that he is an অ্যাঞ্জেল her dead father sent her. The Phantom left a single rose for the girl...
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While I was looking for a Movie Maker for my older Mac, so I could download the David Staller version on to Youtube, so I could get it to fellow phans, I spotted this downloadable program called ImTOO YouTube to iTunes Converter, which I soon discovered had a thee মিনিট track UNLESS আপনি pay $14.95 for it. BUT then আপনি convert for FREE. First আপনি need to know about a free downloadable Recording Software called Audacity. It has a effect called "Normalize" in the "Effect" menu that will help আপনি make the video's audio sound like a good quality CD দ্বারা just pressing the "OK" button when the "Normalize" window pops up. Click on link to download Audacity


To download ImTOO YouTube to iTunes Converter Click below

For Mac: link

For Windows: link
I originally পোষ্ট হয়েছে this on IMDB's board as VampireOutlaw.

No one wanted a sequel, <-- (generally speaking), it was still made, the critiques hate it, the অনুরাগী hate it, it keeps on having to close down...Yet it's still here?
I know it has its share of fans, but nonetheless the crucially and strongly negative reception seems to be the situation in general.

So why the bloody hell does ALW not give up? অথবা if he can't bring himself to, why does he keep on trying with only minor changes?

~ First a sidenote:
Love Never Dies is not a sequel to the 2004 movie because that movie is Joel Schumacher's interpretation...
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Night-time sharpens,
heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defences ...

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour
Grasp it, sense it - tremulous and tender
Turn your face away
from the garish light of day,
turn your thoughts away
from cold, unfeeling light -
and listen to the সঙ্গীত of the night ...

Close your eyes and surrender to your
darkest dreams!
Purge your thoughts of the life
আপনি knew before!
Close your eyes,
let your spirit start to soar!
And you'll live
as you've never lived before ...

Softly, deftly,
সঙ্গীত shall surround...
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I recently saw the 25th anniversary on PBS, and while I enjoyed it I did have some problems with some of the performances. I felt like the actress playing Christine was trying too hard to play up the ingenue aspect of the character. One example of this is when she first starts গান গাওয়া in Don Juan Triumphant. She's prancing around the stage like she truly has "no thoughts within her head." I much prefer the solemn take of the song that they used in the movie. However, I do think that the actress in the play got better when they moved onto "point of no return".
I mostly liked the lady playing...
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bravi bravi bravissimi

christine christine

where in the world have আপনি been hiding really আপনি were perfect i only wish knew your secret who is this new tutor

father once spoke of an অ্যাঞ্জেল i used to dream he'd appear now as i sing i can sense him and he's here

here in this room he calls me softly somewhere inside hiding somehow i know he's always with me he the unseen genius

christine আপনি must have been dreaming storys like this cant come christine your talking in riddles and its not like you

অ্যাঞ্জেল of সঙ্গীত guide and gaurdien grant to me your glory অ্যাঞ্জেল of সঙ্গীত hide no longer secret and strange angel

he's with me even now your are cold all around me your christine its white it frightens me dont be frightened
posted by Fumblemunch
Carlotta is writen as a horrid character. She tells rumors and plans schemes to eliminate christine as her competition. I think what is often overlooked is that Carlotta is one of the so many victims of the book. From what is written আপনি can tell that Carlotta was extremely talented as an opera singer as the book mentions how perfect an instrument her voice was. She had the misfortune to be ill and be replaced দ্বারা someone far আরো loved and adored than herself, that in itself is enough to make anyone mad, take a দিন of sick and your job isnt waiting for আপনি when আপনি get back. Not only was she...
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