With its first year, The Simpsons became the শিয়াল network's first sequence to position among the শীর্ষ 30 highest-rated tv series of a টেলিভিশন year.Due to these achievements, শিয়াল made the decision to change The Simpsons' timeslot in desires that it would outcome in greater scores for the reveals that would air after it.The sequence shifted from 8:00 p.m. on Weekend evenings to one time on Thursdays where it competed with The Cosby Show, the variety one প্রদর্শনী at enough time.Many of the manufacturers were against the shift, as The Simpsons had been in the শীর্ষ 10 while broadcasting on Weekend and they experienced the shift would eliminate its scores.New season of The Cosby প্রদর্শনী defeat The Simpsons all the time during the সেকেন্ড বছর and The Simpsons gradually dropped out of the শীর্ষ 10.At the end of the বছর Cosby averaged as the fifth highest-rated display on tv while The Simpsons was 38th.The প্রদর্শনী ongoing in its Friday timeslot until the 6th year, when it reverted to its unique Weekend port. It has stayed there ever since.