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টেলিভিশন শো ভ্যাম্পায়ারের ডাইরি What's your পছন্দ Damon quote from The End of The Affair?

37 fans picked:
It came to me in a dream, I was naked, you`d have loved it.
আপনি know আপনি were dreaming about me. Explains the drool.
আপনি want a partner in crime? Forget Stefan. I`m so much আরো fun.
I`m shocked! Stefan`s not a virgin.
Stefan is still Klaus` little prisoner and Elena still thinks
Honey, I`ve been called worse.
Rise and shine, sleepy head.
There used to be an all-girls high school around the corner
Here we are. Stefan`s সেকেন্ড personality home.
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Stefan was a cocky Ripper douche, but I could avoid him
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আপনি stay here and whip up an actual plan. I`ll come back when I find him.
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আপনি will have about 5 মিনিট tops until that hybrid freak
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Kill Andie one day, save my life the other. Good, bad? Pick one!
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She`s not going anywhere until she has আপনি checked in the vampire
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Thinking Europe, Italy maybe অথবা Spain. আপনি were always a
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 mrssalvatore6 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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carambolas picked আপনি know আপনি were dreaming about me. Explains the drool.:
posted বছরখানেক আগে.