As a Christian and bible teacher I am pretty well known in many nations. I have done work in Israel, Canada, The United States, El Salvador, India and Ceylon. I served as a missionary in The Philippines. And I have experienced some of the most astounding অতিপ্রাকৃতিক events, witnessed দ্বারা hundreds of people all over the world.

A প্রশ্ন that has come up আরো than a few times is why I watch The Vampire Diaries so much. "How could you, as a servant of Christ watch that show?"

For a long time even I did not understand why I was so taken দ্বারা the show. There is quite a bit of blood and gore. And yet week after week I found myself racing প্রথমপাতা to watch it. Especially after the introduction of Klaus and his family. Wow! Finally this summer I found the answer. Actually I discovered that there were two reasons I really enjoy the show.

The first reason is The Vampire Diaries is a classic genre, no different than King Arthur, Troy অথবা the story of King David. Every classic of this genre has three elements.

There must be a hero অথবা heroine. There must be a villain অথবা great challenge to overcome and there must be a princess অথবা beautiful lady to save. Romance has always been essential to a great story.

The Vampire Diaries has all of these elements and much more. In some ways আপনি could say that there are two heroes; Stefan and Damon, depending on how আপনি view Damon. Klaus and Katherine would certainly be the classic evil villains and of course Elena is the beautiful maiden that we all want to rescue.

My সেকেন্ড reason is I really identify with the characters. Stefan is what really attracted me to the show.

Stefan is this really cool guy, the classic hero who like David and Samson has this constant battle against his dark side. And in my own life I have learned how তিক্ত and difficult that battle can be. And like so many নায়ক of the past Stefan is willing to sacrifice everything for his true প্রণয় the beautiful Elena Gilbert.

Damon is like this no nonsense, in your face guy who would be a great warrior in any time period. And yet he can be as romantic as any man could be.

And then আপনি have Bonnie who uses অতিপ্রাকৃতিক power to help her friends. If we combine all of the above with fantastic story lines, excellent scenery and some really beautiful women like Caroline and Rose. Well what আরো can I say!

Should a Christian watch The Vampire Diaries? I expect it would depend on your point of view. As for me the Characters have প্রদত্ত me a great deal of inspiration.

Now I just need to find the Elena অথবা Caroline in my life!