“They took Katherine?” Stefan exclaimed. He got up from the পালঙ্ক and ironed his hair with both his hands. “Why would they do that? Katherine didn’t have anything to do with Amber অথবা Kelsey”
He turned to Damon. “How could আপনি leave her there?” he asked frustrated.
“I had no choice, Veronica would just attack me again” Damon defended himself.
“Well, we can’t just leave her there” Stefan replied upset.
“Why not?” Rebekah asked smug. “I suggest we let the দুশ্চরিত্রা stay put” Both Damon and Elena ducked at Rebekah, but Stefan was the one grabbing her দ্বারা her long, blonde hair.
“You shut the fuck up, bitch!” he shouted. “This is your fault! আপনি made her upset! আপনি heard what she ব্যক্ত to me and yet আপনি couldn’t let me handle it. And now look what happened. We’re not married yet, I can still blow this whole thing off” He let go of her and she fell back in the couch. She looked hurt at Stefan and tried to fix her hair, so she wouldn’t have to answer.
“Okay, are আপনি done?” Damon asked Stefan. “We have a friend to save”
“Yeah” Stefan ব্যক্ত with one last and nasty look at his fiancée. “I’m coming”
“Me too” Elena ব্যক্ত determined.
“No!” both Stefan and Damon echoed in chorus.
“Why not?” Elena exclaimed frustrated.
“Elena, the only thing that’s keeping আপনি নিরাপদ is the fact that Veronica doesn’t know you’re the doppelganger” Damon explained.
“She has already seen me. She knows I’m not a vampire. She’ll figure it out” Elena replied.
“All the আরো reason for আপনি to stay here. I don’t want আপনি to go into the lion’s cave. And don’t forget, you’re sick”
“I feel fine” Elena protested. “Those herbs Caroline gave me are really helpful”
“But you’re not cured yet” Damon cut her off. He turned to Rebekah. “Make sure she stays inside”
“Yeah, see আপনি can bring that to a successful end” Stefan added scoffing, before he followed Damon outside.