This প্রবন্ধ is to celebrate Bibi69, TWD Queen, FINALLY receiving her well-deserved red Fanatic medal in the TWD spot! This is an honor well, well overdue and it is awesome to see someone who truly is a TWD fanatic finally actually acknowledged দ্বারা Fanpop's medal system.

Bibi has been this spot's most regular contributor for a long time now. She shares TWD content constantly throughout the seasons, as well as during the hiatuses; her finger constantly on the TWD pulse! Her dedication to the প্রদর্শনী and this club are to be admired.
Bibi puts up with a hell of a lot of my nonsense.

For me personally, Bibi has actually kept me watching the show. Her post-episode picks help me debrief my own opinions, as well as inspire conversations among অনুরাগী about the various storylines and characters. Posting these picks provides us all with the opportunity to sort out how we felt about an episode, perhaps deciding that it wasn't as bad as we thought, অথবা perhaps deciding it was worse! Bibi's own মতামত on these picks are always a great balance of joyous delight in the episode's events, and critical commentary on what the writers might have fucked up.
Not just a Carol fan, Bibi supports many of the show's characters.

Bibi is also extremely knowledgeable on both the series content and the comic books. So she often helps me understand the storylines of the প্রদর্শনী (as someone who has not fully read the comics) and the possible directions the প্রদর্শনী could be going. Without Bibi's guidance and explanation of many of the show's storylines and characters developments (and perhaps regressions!), I might very well have প্রদত্ত up on the series a long while ago. In other words, AMC owes Bibi money! Her contributions to my own experience of the প্রদর্শনী have been invaluable in keeping me watching. She is this club's very own Carol, always rushing in to save the day! I'm sure there are lot of other অনুরাগী here who feel the same!
Bibi is a professor of Carology, specialising in Carolysis, the analysis of Carol.

Bibi's participation in this club also reminds me of the good old days on ফ্যানপপ when tv প্রদর্শনী spots were really active, particularly as a season was airing. Bibi keeps this spot running like those spots used to in the old days দ্বারা encouraging অনুরাগী interactions and discussions about what might have happened in an episode. There are very few spots these days, at least that I'm involved in, that have participants like Bibi who get us all talking and sharing our own thoughts and content. So not only does she keep our প্রণয় of TWD alive, she keeps this club alive, and দ্বারা extension, she keeps the fandom here alive.
Bibi dominates প্রবন্ধ contributions!

Bibi contributes a wide variety of TWD content, making us think with important polls, sharing her sophisticated thoughts and theories in articles, keeping us up-to-date with cool links, posting awesome চলচ্ছবি and amazing us with her awesome প্রতীকী and other images! So she really is the TWD Queen, a brilliant fan, and now finally an official fanatic (we've always known you're a fanatic, Bibi! Just took ফ্যানপপ a tad longer to acknowledge it!).
Bibi is a prolific and awesome প্রতীকী maker!

So please feel free to শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য Bibi for her awesomeness! And feel free to add your মতামত of support for Bibi in the মতামত here too. She deserves big, big hugs for her contributions to this fandom!
One of Bibi's gorgeous Caryl tributes!